Syndicate VS All Stars


Last Saturday was our home opener. The Chicago Outfit’s Syndicate went up against Nashville Rollergirls All stars. Nashville scored 2pts in the first jam but Lola was quick to respond with 19pts in the second jam while Syndicate blockers Joan Ranger, Ivana Schoop, Schocka Conduit, and Kim Mortal held back Britches N’ Hose and kept her from scoring.

The scored continue to dance back and forth making the fans go crazy. Nashville took the lead in the 4th jam when Britches N'Hose took lead jammer as Syndicate's Joan Ranger went to the penalty box. However, Queefer Sutherland’s strong jamming brought Syndicate back into the lead. The closest Nashville was able to close the gap was by three points. Nashville’s Britches N’Hose helped with this closing when she had a 24pt jam. Once again the score changed and Syndicate managed to raise their lead.

By the second half Syndicate had an 82-73 lead.

Syndicate started the second half with a disadvantage when two blockers were in the box. As the penalties continued Nashville was able to take lead 105-82 within the first three jams of the second half. The Syndicate continued to fight to close the gap. Outfit fans continued to cheer and clap as Lola Blow made a final attempt in the last jam but in the end Nashville won against the Syndicate 173-141.

Before sure to come see us at our next home bout May 11th where the Shade Brigade take on Peoria Push and Shakedown take on Region Rat Rollers. The Syndicate’s next home bout is June 15th against Blue Ridge.

~Loka In Motion