Ode to Mimi Furst

Ode to Mimi FurstBy Undead Miss Red

The girl I'm hugging in this picture  You could call my derby wife I hadn't known that I was missing her, And now we're stuck for life.

From the first day when I met her And she smacked me on the rear And complimented my...pop cans... As I was putting on my gear,

I should have known that this was it, That this was derby love. I should have known she'd fast become One of my favorite girls to shove.

She's snarky when I need it, When I need a like-minded jerk; And just as tough when I'm skating lame And need someone to tell me to work.

"Get low!" she'll yell across the rink. "Sit into it!" And "Get even LOWER!" You can't miss that Chicago squawk, And I work harder just to show her.

So then she joined The Outfit, And couldn't stop singing their praise. Now we're both part of the family; This is where this couple stays.

So thanks for the squeezes And thanks for the smacks Thanks for the 'Get lows' And high-fives on the track.

It's you and me and The Outfit; You're stuck with me for life. Just thought I'd say it in public, With love from your derby wife.

(I'm an English teacher, Mimi! Of COURSE I wrote a poetic creation. YOU'RE the big old math nerd -- Write me a flipping equation!