Sugar’s Bad, Mmmkay?


Sugar, caffeine and a few other treats can actually hinder your skating performance! As female athletes, we should be taking in at least 18mg of iron per day. Iron is one of our natural components that gives us energy and keeps us healthy while preventing bone loss. Through excess sweating and our friendly monthly visitor… well we lose a lot of iron.

One of the best ways to keep this iron is by eating plenty of greens, including my personal favorite SPINACH! But you should also be avoiding caffeine whenever possible.

Caffeine makes it hard for your body to absorb iron, it can also give you a wicked headache after consuming too much of it. Not to mention the crash you experience after it begins to leave your system. You can thank dehydration and sugar for that crash.

This all brings me to everyone's favorite enemy, SUGAR!

Though tasty and sweet, sugar can cause all sorts of physical problems like weight gain and diabetes, but who doesn't love cupcakes or a sweet sugar high? Sugar may provide that instant burst of energy but can later cause your blood sugar levels to drop... thus that "crash" feeling. So try and leave sweets out of your daily diet, avoid drinking soda, and do not add sugar to your food. This is especially important before a bout or practice. Try to really stay away from those deceiving instant gratifiers .

It's healthier to experience natural energy that won't make you jittery or crash later. A little sugar is good, but make it worth your body's effort to break it down.

Synthetic sugar is much harder for your body to recognize and break down; instead of a doughnut before practice, have an apple or a handful of grapes. These are some examples of "simple sugars" that contain glucose, fructose, sucrose, and lactose, which are easily converted into energy after entering the body.

So let's keep it natural as often as possible; instead of drinking a soda, have green tea from the leaf, not the can! Kombucha is also a great one! And even exercise even right before a practice or a work out, warming up your body with 5-15 minutes of cardio, is excellent for you. Go out and get that blood pumping!

- Maimy Winehouse