C2E2 2012



I was more than pleased to have the honor to represent the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby as the "rolling dead" at C2E2. Shawn from the Box O Zombies booth was fantastic.

For those who are unfamiliar with Box O Zombies...Let me fill you in...

Box O Zombies founded and operated by Shawn Recinto since December 2010. Art and figures are created by Chicago artists. Fun fact: This company was inspired by Shawn's kids...too cute right?

For you non-nerds out there...C2E2 is a annual magical place were nerds of all ages come together. But why?  Well I don't know about you, but my Julie Newmar's Catwoman costume is never quite appreciated at the local Jewel...but at convention where not only you, but thousands of others are dressing up and talking about comics and movies!? Heaven on Earth! Not only is this place a great way to catch up on the latest popular comics turned to movies in Hollywood. It's also a great place self-started independent companies. Whether it comic books or toys like Shawn's Box O Zombies.

It was a blast to walk around and check everything out. People were pretty friendly. And very into getting and taking pictures. Not only was there a ton of great and clever costumes but great booths...I recommend checking it out next year. There was even a booth with real ninja swords!...don't bring your 4 year old there.

-Maimy Winehouse 17days