What's a Derby Wife? Ode To Mine.

"What do you mean you have a wife now?" Says my mom-in-law.

Similar to the friend in elementary school that you shared a "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" heart necklace with, a derby wife is the girl that you connect with while going through the crazy roller derby adventure. She's the one that you can share your secrets without fear of judgement and the one who will bring you a beer at work during a stressful day; the one you can confess when your stomach is in knots because of a scrimmage and she'll always be your partner when you're forced to "pair up" during a drill at practice.

Rogue is my Derby Wife.

She's the kindest person (other than my husband) that I've gotten the chance to meet and I am so lucky to have her and my all of my leaguemates in my life.  It's hard to maintain friendships when you work nearly every moment of the waking day but having two to three hours of better-than-the-gym workouts have made me a happier person.

The whole Chicago Outfit Family (skaters, coaches, ref's, NSO's and everyone in between) is my Valentine but Rogue has been the best part of it all.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Rogue is sweet,

And so is the entire Chicago Outfit.