Mugs Bunny's 2019 Season Goals

Photo by our announcer, Kent the Politician.

Photo by our announcer, Kent the Politician.

There are so many goals I would love to accomplish this season, but one in particular I wanted to work on the most was getting back into jamming. Back in 2015/2016 when I skated for our junior league, the Chicago Riots, I was one of the main rostering jammers. I loved jamming and I would say I was pretty good at it. But towards the end of my first season I ended up breaking one of my ankles during a game.

It took a long time for it to heal only for it to break again the next season, also during a game. Yeah, it sucked. Once I aged out and joined the Outfit, I just went straight to blocking. I was kind of too spooked to jam again. I learned to like blocking and became a very strong blocker, especially as a brace. But jamming was still secretly in my heart.

So, now I picked up being predominantly a pivot so I can get the best of both worlds. Which I love doing! Pivots are very important! But the few times I would get to practice being a Jammer during drills or at scrimmage felt amazing for me and felt right! I honestly felt like I could do everything a lot better than I once did. The way I can move, my speed, my juking, everything! And I did not feel like I had to puke after 30 seconds! Yay! I did lose about 40 lbs and have greatly improved on all my footwork techniques and endurance since that last time I jammed.

I just really want to get back into it and I feel like that’s where I want to be. So that is my goal for the 2019 season. To only improve my footwork, endurance, and all the little things even more and try to become a main Jammer by mid/end of this season! Then, I’ll move on to my all time goal of mastering the apex jump!

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