Getting Buff & Eating Food

Until Taco Bell buckles down and starts taking sports sponsorship seriously, I guess we are forced to eat other foods before and after practices? So confusing. Luckily, The Chicago Outfit knows how and what to eat to bulk up and keep the body in tip top shape for practices, bouts, and personal well being. What should one eat before and after practice? What should be avoided? How much coffee is too much coffee? Take notes!

Fronzarelli: Post practice pineapple is like a gift from the heavens. Don't believe me? Try it!!

Gnarly Rae Jepson: CHICKPEAS. They’re vegan, tasty, full of protein and fill you up without making you feel gross! You can put them in so many dishes seasoned so many ways.

Ruckus: I usually eat pasta before practice, a protein shake after practice, and as much water as I can drink that day. Same goes for game days. I’m not healthy by any means. I have to have coffee in the morning and chocolate every day.

Craze: On scrimmage days, T-25 practice days, or bout days, I'd have Chipotle for lunch and nothing until after practice. It takes a lot of carbs to crush my enemies.

Agony Andy: Gluten free chicken nuggets in the bathtub after practice is my secret.

Hurt Vonnecut: I usually eat 2.5 hours before getting to practice and that usually entails something green and gluten free lentil pasta because it's carby and makes me feel less bloat-y than regular pasta.

Also inhaling corn nuts in Lorax's car and spilling crumbs all over her seat for her to discover in the morning gives me life post practice.

Braise Seitan: This girl is a big fan of beans and nuts! I crush both every day. Of course, my derby name is Braise Seitan, but I actually prefer tofu and tempeh as dense plant-based protein sources... I eat each about once a week. My go-to after practice meal is a whole wheat wrap with leafy greens, bell peppers, cucumber, and hummus. I always pack familiar food for road trips, otherwise I’m stuck eating random gas station snacks. Love to have my cold brew coffee on bout day (and every day, let’s be honest). My tip is just to respect your amazing, powerful body, because you’re asking it to do stupid hard things. Roller derby is no joke- feed the machine.

Gram Crack Her: I used a personal trainer and nutritionist for 3 months. Her name is Liz Roman. I do macros. Before practice I eat 30 grams protein with 25 grams carbs 2 hrs before. I need a little fat so use some butter on veggies or olive oil. If I’m still hungry within a half hour of practice, I eat a banana. After practice I have a protein shake. I try to limit sugar, fried foods and dairy. I’m not perfect but I try to listen 75 percent of the time.

Bettie Slay: …… I love my post-practice Crunchwrap :)

In all honesty, eating well can sometimes feel like a chore. It is easy to reach for whatever is closest or just have more coffee? Not only does what we eat affect how our bodies are feeling, but it truly alters the way mental health operates too. We need both. It's true! As skaters, we are asking a lot from our bodies. Let’s honor and thank them in return by fueling them with what they need. Help them help us tear up the rink and feel strong doing it.