Meet Kristin Carlson

image1 My name is Kristin Carlson, and my roller derby name is Kristin Carlson or Carlson. I am not creative as it turns out. I tried out for the Outfit back in the fall because I was looking for another activity to be a part of once I am done boxing.

I have been boxing competitively to some extent for nearly 5 years. I have competed against several world champions and even an Olympic Gold Medalist (I lost) but I have scaled down my competition recently. With boxing you’re more of an individual competitor and it will be nice to continue to be a part of a larger team that is reminiscent of my rowing days back in college.

I chose the Outfit because my friend Erin Nelson (Althea) has been telling me for a few years now that my punching people in the face will translate well into roller derby. Ok, maybe she didn’t say that but she did say that roller derby is a fun sport and a nice community to be a part of and I chose the Outfit because I already knew a couple people that are a part of the team. The transition to skates has been a little slow going since I have not been on quad skates since I was maybe 5 years old but I've been up for the challenge. I at least think I can take a hit at this point so that's been comforting as I progress through this sport.

-Kristin Carlson