So Glad Derby Showed Up

Derby? Whenever I heard "derby" I instantly thought of my movie wife Drew, Ellen Page, and Maggie Mayhem racing, punching, kicking, and knocking chicks out. Love that movie, but I never thought I'd be playing it. I was invited to plenty of derby games but between life and work, I could never find time. Somehow, I found myself at The Chicago Outfit's End of the year party. In a packed room, I watched as they passed out awards, ate, danced, and just interacted with each other. I didn't know what to expect, but what I saw that night definitely sparked something in me.

The Chicago Outfit's bootcamp started that Monday for any skaters thinking about trying out for the team. As good as it sounded, I wasn't really going to go. I didn't have time, I didn't know how to skate, and I didn't own any gear. But thanks to Tardis and Puck, I ended up getting my butt to bootcamp.

On my first day, I went up to Red, Lola, and LD saying something similar to, 'Hey, sorry if I'm not doing what you're asking, but this is like, my first time on skates and I might just skate slowly in a circle today'. I looked like some newborn creature using its legs for the very first time.

It was beyond me how patient these bada** ladies were. It was weird going into an environment where you don't know anyone and you don't know how they'll take you, but every single person there wants to see you win. Even when you want to mentally break yourself down, when you want to give up, all of them are there teaching and encouraging you. I haven't been a part of a team in 10 years and wouldn't have thought it possible, but I'm pretty glad derby came into my life. Incredibly random, but such a thrill.

The excitement of knowing there is so much to learn. Watching Matza, Lola, Crotch, Pippi, Scar, LD, NiKita, Puck, Sneer, all of them, and just soaking up that energy and using it as my push. Their energy is absolutely amazing. I'm enjoying my derby journey and I'm excited to see how Korben Dallas grows with The Chicago Outfit.

Oh, and I had some beautiful falls in the beginning - I looked a little like Leeloo coming through that cab ceiling.

<3 -Korben Dallas