New Girls on the Track


The Chicago Outfit has had the great honor of accepting a TON of new members for this up-coming season and we couldn’t be more excited to get to know them. You know the usual babes, but what do you know about #smashtag? Not nearly enough! She’s a bigger badass than you could possibly imagine and brand spanking new to the league. I had the privilege to interview her so you fools could get to know her too!


1. What first interested you in roller derby?

I saw a couple of bouts before I started to understand what the game was about. Once I got down the general rules, it was fascinating to watch the pack forming and reforming and to watch the jammers finding a hole or do some act of acrobatics to break through the pack. I think I like derby because it's organized chaos and sometimes just chaos.

2. What attracted you to The Outfit?

The first time I went to an Outfit bout, sitting on folding chairs a few feet away from the action, I fell in love. There was a grassroots feel with professional level action. The combination seemed to embody exactly what I expected roller derby to be.

3. What were you most nervous about during the try-outs/bootcamp?

Pretty much everything about being there, from embarrassing myself to falling over to being the worst skater. Honestly, most of those things happened during the first bootcamp as well as during all the subsequent bootcamps. A lot of the ladies had gone to Derby Lite and knew how to skate, stop, turn, and in some cases even do fancy things like C-cuts and weave.

4. How did you come up with your derby name?

I knew it had to be something nerdy because of my engineering and software background. I initially wanted KillerByte but three variations of that name were already registered derby names. One day I was talking to a coworker, with whom I frequently hashtag my conversations, and he came up with the name #smashtag.

5. What are some of your favorite things to do outside of roller derby?

I like to bike, read books, and watch documentaries and sci fi shows.

6. What are some of your personal derby goals for this season?

I really want to master the basic skills. Right now, stopping is so hard and a pretty essential part of skating, so that's first on my list. I also want to improve my endurance and speed.

7. Do you have any message for women and girls who're thinking about joining a roller derby league?

It's totally cliche, but just do it. Derby take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but it's a strong community and a great sport.

Congratulations to all the new girls that made the cut during boot camp. Be sure to watch out for these ladies in the season to come!!!

Anny SMACKquiao #22
Badger to the Bone #615
Beatrix Itch #1111
Buns of Anarchy #33
Dixie Buttkix #51
Dr. Beverly Crush Her #97
Fox Force #5
Hip Czech #98
Killer Zee #976
Krash 'n Go #B617
Pippi Long Smackings #S0S
Puck #123
Rapp Scallion #13
Sam EH Shocker #21
Shotgun Wedding #44
Thea Ssassin #31
Undead Miss Red #818
Wholigan #95


-Sneer and Loathing