The Chicago Outfit's Trip to Fort Wayne


Every week, as a derby player, you see one another and skate together at practice. Even though you see each other every week it takes time to really feel part of a team and truly trust your teammates. I feel that when you are a new player or transfer it is always that first away bout that makes you feel truly bonded with your teammates. That is exactly what happened for me at my first bout with the Chicago Outfit. From riding in the car and watching bout videos, to putting on war paint and winning the after party; I left Fort Wayne feeling part of a team and a sense of trust in my teammates.

Photo by: Josh Allen


The Shade Brigade vs. The Fort Wayne S.W.A.T Team brought a lot of firsts for the Shade. It was Freudian Tripp's and my first bout playing with the Chicago Outfit. It was also Thirteenth floor Hellevator's, Sneer and Loathing's, The Big Lebekski's, and The Apostrofiend's first bout with the Shade. Quite a few skaters expressed their nerves before the bout but as soon as we started putting on war paint (which was really paint on are faces to represent for Elton John who had a show after our bout) everyone’s nervousness seemed to go away maybe Elton John just has that effect on people. I also think watching the Syndicate play first may have calmed us since they did win 109-72. Lola Blow got a Giant Trophy almost as big as her for Best Jammer, Helsa Wayton got one for best Pivot and Lady K got one for best Blocker.

I would have to say that my favorite part of the Shade bout was hearing the Syndicate cheer for us as we were playing. At one point the announcer said," the Syndicate is really cheering on their sisters." I liked that because that is exactly what we need to be, to be a good team, sisters. You might not always get along with your sister or even like them but you respect them and trust them, you know they are always there if you need them. This is exactly what you need to make a good derby team trust and knowing your blockers and Jammers are there for you.

My second favorite part of the Shade bout was when they passed out the giant trophies. Lexistential Crisis got best pivot, Annie War Doll got best blocker and Ottermatic Weaponand myself were tied for best jammer.

Photo by: Josh Allen


Only a couple of us were able to go to the after party but I have to say Thirteenth Floor Hellevator and The Big Lebekski really represented for The Outfit. They were defiantly the last ones on the dance floor and the DJ played Sweet Home Chicago for The Outfit.

Even though the Shade did not bring home the win, (with the score being 114-168) we did come home feeling bonded and a sense of togetherness which will go further than a win. Let's just hope it shows on the track.


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