A Craze for the Outfit

Why did you join The Family? The universe wanted me to. I once filmed a wedding in New Orleans that always stood out to me. The groom was from Brazil. The bride was from New Orleans. Where did they meet? In Italy. They just so happened to be at the same college for the same summer program during the same semester. People from two different hemispheres met in another part of the world.

At some point, we should take a step back and chuckle at the way life works out. The universe is funny like that. Who would’ve guessed that two engineers gave birth to a filmmaker? Or that two years ago I never knew that derby existed? Hell, I joined Red Stick Roller Derby based on the mere suggestion of All-Star captain and co-worker Little Miss Maggot. “You should join derby,” she said. “Okay,” I replied. That’s all it took.

Yes, but why did you join The Family? I’m not sure how to put it into words. All I see are random happenstance:

  • An old college friend reconnected with me out of the blue. She suggested I move to the city, and 24 hours later I bought a plane ticket to visit.
  • I messaged a few derby leagues in the area; Red from The Outfit was the first to message me back.
  • The Outfit was the first practice I went to in Illinois. Immediately after, I canceled all other leagues’ visits.
  • An old teammate took over my lease, allowing me to move to the city in September.

No really, why did you join The Family?

I never lived anywhere outside of Louisiana. I was always within an hour of my family. I had no reason to move, having found a successful career as a local filmmaker in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. In January, I had no intention of leaving.

By September, I was here.

I’ve spent nearly two hours now trying to encapsulate why I moved to Chicago and became an Outfit skater, but it’s simply impossible to express in words. In a strange way, the universe brought me here because my gut always told me that Louisiana was not where I needed to be. I simply showed up to my first Outfit practice and everything clicked. It’s like a new friend that you immediately connect with. The pieces fell into place. Truthfully, it took moving across the country to finally hear and understand these words fully:

“Welcome home.” This was why I joined The Family

~ Craze