Bootcamp 2015!

bootcamp Do you like Roller Derby? Do you like the Chicago Outfit?  Are you 18 or older? Have you ever thought to yourself: “man, I wish I could skate like those girls”?  Then you’re in luck!  Our 2015 Bootcamp is right around the corner!  No experience with roller derby is necessary either.  You’ll just need the following:

  • Quad Skates (speed skates, not inline)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Wristguards
  • Mouthguard
  • Helmet
  • Sneakers
  • Water Bottle
  • Government Issued ID (first-time attendees ONLY)
  • $5/evening
  • Can do attitude 

We’ll be kicking off Bootcamp a little early this year: Monday, September 28th!  Bootcamp’s will be held every Monday for 5 weeks starting 9/28, 10/5, 10/12*, 10/19, 10/26 with Tryouts follow.

Full Bootcamp information can be found below and you let us know you're coming by replying here:

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm (*10/12 will start at 8:30pm) Location: Fleetwood Roller Rink 7231 Archer Avenue Summit Argo, IL 60501

We do require members of our league to purchase skater insurance through the WFTDA, but WFTDA insurance is not required for the boot camps or the advanced tryouts. Instead, there will be a waiver you will be required to fill out on your first night of bootcamp.

Tryouts will be held on Sunday, November 1st and Monday, November 2nd and we’ll be posting further details on those closer to the date (so stayed tuned).  You can come and try out even if you didn't come to the recruitment boot camps so don’t worry about attending if you’re feeling confident for tryouts alone.

At try outs, you will be tested against WFTDA minimum skills and additional skills that you learned throughout the boot camps. WFTDA minimum skills can be found here for your reference.

On a personal note, I went through Bootcamp in 2014 with only skate skills from when I was 8-10 years old (nearly 20 years ago now).  Bootcamp is such a great way to learn the necessary skills and also get to know our team better from a skater perspective.  I learned so much in my time at Bootcamp and when it came to tryouts, I felt pretty confident I’d make the team and here I am!  One year later, loving derby, loving the Outfit, and wanting to share that love with all of you.  Even if you’re a little scared, we are only here to encourage your passion and help build your skills, so I encourage you to come out and get a feel for roller derby and skating with the Outfit.  

Hope to see you there! ~Rhonda