Spring Roll: Winning feels great!

In case you've missed the big news, The Chicago Outfit took home three out of three spectacular wins at Spring Roll 2014 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 16 - 18.

Last weekend, The Syndicate prevailed against Cincinatti (208-103), Connecticut (225-85) and Tri-City (161-131). Alex 'Lex Talionis' Sassoon Coby of Derby News Network calls The Outfit "the big rankings winners" of Spring Roll. With those three victories secured, Flat Track Stats estimated that The Outfit jumped 15 slots in its rankings, hopefully securing a slot in the D2 playoffs. That means that this weekend's double-header home bout on May 24th is the game to watch. The Syndicate will take on Bleeding Heartland and the Shakedown will face the Southland Slashers. For more information and discount tickets, click here!

Leading up to the home game, we'll debrief with a few of The Outfit's finest.

First up, an interview with Samantha Judge, #21.

What were you thinking about going into the bouts last weekend at Spring Roll? Murder, and heads on sticks. We knew exactly where we stood in the rankings and knew exactly what we needed to do. I was also thinking that we had three very hard games ahead of us and I was excited to show how ready our team was to rise to those challenges.

Playing three games in one weekend can be really tough. How did you prepare yourself for that, mentally and physically? Playing three games in one weekend can be grueling on the body; we play a full contact sport and it can be difficult on the joints. I used A LOT of ice before and after games, even driving to Fort Wayne I was icing and elevating in Mah-Ko's car in preparation. In practices leading up to the tournament  we took the time to talk about positive attitudes on the bench and spend time learning mental toughness.

There was some amazing teamwork out there during all three games. What would you say were some things that contributed to the Syndicate's murder machine? At the beginning of the season I think we were struggling to find our groove. As individuals we all knew how to play well but it was finding out and practicing how to play as a cohesive unit where we needed work. We spent the time and put in the work it took to mesh as a team. It was truly an amazing feeling to be able to trust your teammate to pick up where you left off and vice versa.

What was your favorite moment on the track during Spring Roll? What about off the track? Winning! Winning feels great! But seriously, I really don't think I could pinpoint one thing, (it's no secret I am a fan of huge hits), but there were so many amazing things we did as a team. Off the track we watched games together and we ate meals together, it really was an amazing team building weekend that ended with incredible results.

What are you looking forward to in this season going forward? This upcoming home bout on May 24th against Bleeding Heartland? Huge hits...no, okay, maybe a little, but really I am just looking forward to seeing our team grow into the powerhouse team that takes the playoffs by storm. These wins over the weekend are really putting us in the right direction. Bleeding Heartland will be a tough game but I am confident in our abilities, physically and mentally.

Any shout outs? Huge shout out to our bench coaches! Seriously it's a tough job to  do and I have nothing but love and respect for what them and what they do for the team, that and their bout day names make me smile <3 #sorrynotsorry