Season of Love: Derby Crushes and More!

Love is in the air! The Chicago Outfit will be revealing their derby crushes, dishing about derby wives and spilling what they love most about the Family. It's Valentine's Day all month long!  Our first derby crush reveal is Fox Force #5, a second-season Shakedown skater.

Fox Force #5 and Flutter make a fierce team at the Outfit's May 11, 2013 bout. Courtesy of: 9 Muses Photo

Okay, sooo derby it goes. After reflecting for a long time about my first season with the Chicago Outfit and all the wonderful, influential women I have met within this league, the decision was far from easy. But I want to give a special shout out to one of you in particular.

Your first impression lured me like a moth to a flame. Although it was indirect, you showed me everything about The Outfit that I needed to know: that I was going to fall hard. When I met you on the track though, my whole perspective changed. All those things about you that once attracted me shifted into fear!

You were bold, fearless, strong and had a hip check so killer I avoided my first scrimmage for weeks. You, dearest, are an amazing blocker. I aspired to be like you. I still do! My first year of skating was really hard. There were a lot of times that I doubted myself and even felt alone. It's tough being the new kid, especially the new clumsy kid, twice removed from her derby wives. Yes, plural. I am a poly-amorous lover. (*shoutouts to Betty Bunz & Buns of Anarchy! love and miss you both! xoxo!*)

Anyway, back to my crush. You re-emerged with your pretty little moth flame, encouraging me from the sidelines of Team Injured as I began to find confidence in myself. Your roar can fuel an army. I know this to be true, because it fueled the derby army in my heart. Thank you for teaching me to love this sport with all passion and none of the fear. Nicole Nikita, you are my Outfit crush. Duh. Happy Valentine's Day, b...beautiful.

xoxo, Fox Force #5


You've been crushed! Final Frontier/Nikita wins Most Feared at the 2013 End of Season Outfit Awards. Credit: 9 Muses Photo