We Are Grateful for Our Family!

The Family! Grateful…and loud!

by Undead Miss Red

This Thanksgiving finds your Chicago Outfit Family preparing to go back into practice mode next week, excited for next season and feeling truly grateful for all things Outfit. Here are a few words of appreciation some of our skaters wanted to share with all of you….

"On this Thanksgivingest of days, I'd like to give thanks to Danyel Read, our ATI sports training/physical therapist...  The torn ligament in my knee owes you one and I'm so grateful that we have you!!

Some families are large, some families are small but I love The Outfit most of all -- skaters, refs, NSOs, medical support, and everyone in between."

-- Scream Printer #0828

"As a rookie skater who often feels, well…, like a rookie, I feel very grateful for all the more experienced skaters who take the time, during practices and bouts, to offer me and other rookie skaters encouragement, coaching and advice. While I can mention many skaters who have helped me, I wanted give special thanks to Jenergizer Bunny, who has been particularly great with helping and encouraging me."

-- Hip Czech #98

Tommy Gunz, you are MUCH appreciated. And a little weird.

"Last night, I was walking down the street, admiring the snowfall, when all of the sudden my right foot slipped out from underneath me on a patch of ice. After the 'oh sh!t' moment subsided, my brain immediately flashed back to our off-skates Monday workouts.  As I went into a sliding knee drop, I thought to myself, 'Keep that standing leg strong, core tight and DONT LET YOUR KNEE HIT THE GROUND.' Well, it worked! I smiled and thought, thank you, Tommy Gunz, for teaching us proper form.  Without strength training, I would have smacked my knee right onto city pavement and I would have most likely been on Team Injured a week before the season kicked up again. Yikes! Today I am thankful for Tommy Gunz' off-skates workouts preparing me with survival skills for Chicago's slippery streets."

-- Fox Force #5

"I am grateful to Lola Blow and Casey Mace'Em and Phranque Wright for taking me to the ER last year when I messed up my ankle. Turns out it was actually broken and not just sprained, but it sure felt magical to have my family there giggling with me and sharing snacks. That is the beautiful thing about this league: they drive an hour to practice, play for two; and not one, but THREE of them are willing to drive to Evanston after all that, just so that you won't be alone. That's love. Thanks guys, happy to be home again."

-- SheBiscuit #409

"This holiday season, I would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful medical staff for their passion and hard work. I had an injury this season and  their constant help, support and guidance led me down the path to a healthy recovery.  I thank you for your emails, text messages and the encouragement that you provided me to regain my strength. Your diligent care helped to restore not just my body, but also my mind and confidence in myself.  I look forward to working with you all for many seasons to come.

Thank you for being part of our family and watching over us. Best wishes to all this holiday season."

-- Bea Itch #1111

And since I'm putting this post together, I get the last few words of gratitude. Here goes.

I'm grateful for the O.G.s and the other longtime Syndicate skaters, for their (near-)infinite patience with rookies. You ladies have no idea how accomplished we feel when you tell us we did something RIGHT.

I'm grateful for J. Birks, our licensed massage therapist. He is magical. We can barely finish a sentence describing what hurts, and he has it under control.

Along the same lines, thanks to Danyel, our team's athletic trainer, for helping me ease my way back from injury this season.

I'm grateful for my derby wife, Mimi Furst, who has seen me through thick and thin, on-skates and off.

I'm grateful for bout day face paint.

I'm grateful for Dennis Sevilla, of 9 Muses Photo, who was there to catch all our antics, from the home opener to the end-of-season bash. You make us look exceptionally good, Dennis.

I'm grateful to the bench coaches who made me jam this season.

I'm grateful to Scream Printer. She's not just a great teammate and Captain; she's responsible for every stylish Chicago Outfit t-shirt, hoodie and jersey you see us running around in -- including the ridiculous ideas for shirts that come out of away bout road trips. (Steak & Shakedown!)

And last, but certainly not least, I'm grateful to the Family who made it all feel like family.

-- Miss Red #818