June 15th Home Bout

For those of you unlucky enough to miss the Chicago Outfit’s most recent home bout I’m here to provide a brief update on all the ass that was kicked two games, two times. The only reason I really have the time to even write this blog, among other long put-off work, is because this is the first weekend this month the Outfit has zero bout obligations. We’re a league that works hard not only every week at practice, but also competitively on most weekends. All that hard work really paid off, though, when the Shade Brigade faced off against the McLean County Missfits and the Syndicate against Blue Ridge Rollergirls. The first half of the Shade Brigade’s game was a serious nail-biter. When half-time rolled around, McLean was in the lead 73-67. But if I’ve learned anything about playing with the Shade it’s that we’re a second-half team. A big practice focus of ours is endurance and it always pays off thirty minutes into a bout when most other teams start to get tired.

After the half, the Shade rolled back onto the track and held McLean entirely scoreless for more than a few jams while racking up nearly forty points for themselves. Once the Shade obtained this lead, they held it. But it you’ve ever watched derby before, you know that a forty-point lead doesn’t exactly suggest a clear winner. (Shade from left to right) Uma Bomber, Agony Andy, Jane Flinch, The Big LeBekski

The Shade knew their lead wasn’t a guarantee and fought hard to keep it and in the end they won 193-103.

As if that bout wasn’t exciting enough, the Syndicate brought to the track, immediately after, another close one. Besides the bout itself, one of the most exciting things about hosting the Blue Ridge Rollergirls was seeing one of their skaters. Lexistential Crisis, a former Chicago Outfit member, rolled onto the Windy City Fieldhouse track, but for the first time for a different team. The league was ecstatic to see a familiar face and it was a great way to start the bout.

For most of the bout the scores stayed within nearly twenty points of each other, the two teams alternating leads. But with strong defense and incredibly talented jammers the Syndicate came out on top with a score of 185-149.


But with great bout comes great party responsibility. Both teams came out on top later at the Ultra Lounge after party; food was eaten, PBRs were chugged, and much twerking occurred on/near/around the pool table.

If you weren’t at the bout last weekend you missed one hell of a time. But it’s not too late! The Chicago Outfit goes head-to-head with Ohio July 20th and you definitely need to be there.