The Outfit Took it Off


It was the 3rd annual Burlesque show the Outfit hosted entitled, “Take off your Outfit.” I have seen a few themed Burlesque shows in the past but this was my first time experience the Outfit’s event.

The venue, Cobra Lounge, was packed. I have to admit that I was a little nervous walking in the door since I volunteered to get up on the stage, but that changed when Sneer and Loathing and Silkk Assassin greeted me at the door with their lovely smiles. I missed the first couple of acts. One of which was Miss Tamale Sepp who I happen to know through graduate school, luckily, she performed her awesome grinder act later on in the show.

The acts included an amazing, voluptuous woman who did two traditional Burlesque performances. The first involved huge swan- feathered wings and the other an appropriate Blackhawks getup and song. Valerie of the Dolls wore a super cute dress and did a juggling act along with an unintentional hilarious stand-up comedy routine. There was a technical difficulty when the crew failed to play the right song, so she improvised. Then four of us, myself, Maimy Winehouse, Ante Madder, and Final Frontier arm wrestled each other. Madder and F.F. went first with a Madder win, (best 2 out of 3). Fun fact: Ante Madder won "Biggest Guns" at our End Of The Year Party last season). Maimy and I challenged each other. It was a tough challenge...but I won. Then I was up against Madder, whose guns are officially intimidating. Especially since I know for a fact that she has been doing 50 push-ups a day! So Madder and I both flexed our muscles for the audience and I gave it my all...with a successful ending. Emcee, Rude E Huxtable announced there would be a break from all the estrogen, introducing what I thought was the most fun act, a male duo Burlesque performance to an upbeat song. It was well choreographed and super energetic with facial expressions and gestures to match. However, I give the cutest award to Killer Zee, a newbie Outfit member, who did a traditional Burlesque performance to the Cab Calloway song, "Minnie the Moocher," a great choice of song where the audience could sing along. I could tell Zee was pleased by this by the smirk on her face while performing.

(Check out Loka’s interview with Killer Zee here: )

Overall the 3rd annual "Take Off Your Outfit" Burlesque show, was a huge success thanks to Rapp Scallion who put the show together, Rude E Huxtable, the beautiful, blue-wigged emcee, the brave performers who got up on stage, and the audience who donated money to the cause.

- Graves

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