Breaking Out

An Interview with Killer Zee

photo by 9 Muses

When breaking out of one’s shell most people consider talking to a stranger at a bar or trying a new hair color to be daring, not new-comer Killer Zee. When she wants to break out, she’s busts outs... dancing and other things…

Every year, for the past three years the Chicago Outfit has thrown a burlesque show called, “Take Off your Outfit,” and that’s exactly what Zee did. Dancing to Minnie the Moocher, Zee had the crowd going from the very beginning and as the gloves, fur, slip, and stockings came off, Zee came out.

“Minnie the moocher is my favorite song and I thought it would be a great way to get the crowd to interact.” Based on the howling and cheering, I’d say she succeeded.

“I watched videos online and took a little bit from each. I actually forgot midway my routine and just decided to go along with how the music felt.”

She definitely fooled me and everyone else. Zee’s performance was well choreographed and though occasionally some of the clothing wouldn’t agree with her she pushed through and didn’t miss a step.

“A special thank you to NSO Miss Calculation’s sister who works at Taboo Taboo, not only did she give me a discount but she helped me pick an outfit.”

Zee revealed to me that she originally intended to perform with other people. Thanks to Rapp Scallion (the incredible woman and fellow skater who put together the show), and the kind words of Sneer and Loathing, Zee decided to go all out and put herself out there.

“Sneer assured me no one would judge or laugh at me, I still think it would be cool to feed off someone else’s energy on stage and work together. Any takers?”

Maybe I’ll take her up on that.

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~Loka In Motion