Take Off Your Outfit!


Coming into the league last year as the formal “baby” has me excited for this Saturday’s burlesque night for a number of reasons. Most importantly I won’t have to duck into a bathroom stall when the door guy comes around for Outfit ID checks. Admittedly that was me during last year’s Spaghetti Wrestling, but I was so nervous about being underaged that I skipped out on the 2012 Take Off Your Outfit burlesque night all together. Instead I waited patiently for the Flickr pictures to surface and lamented over the missed fun on my own time.

Not this year, though! I couldn’t be more excited to represent the Chicago Outfit at Cobra Lounge and you should be just as excited about coming to watch! If you don’t believe me just check out this video from last year’s performances:


Ladies on the league participating in the show portion of this event put a ton of time and effort into their performances and the organizing has been happening for months. The DJ for the evening will be DJ All the Way Kay and the host will be our very own Rude E. Huxtable.

This event is taking place May 25th at Cobra Lounge (235 N. Ashland). It starts at 10pm, you have to be 21+ to get in and the cover is $10. Partial proceeds of the cover benefit the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls Flood Relief fund.

All you need to know about the Chicago Outfit is that we have class, sass, and dignity and on the 25th we’ll be taking off our Outfits. You don’t want to miss this.