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screamShakedown and Shade Brigade Take Home Wins

The Chicago Outfit bounced back from their home opener losses when they had a double win this past Saturday. After suffering a loss of almost 400 points against the Quad City Rollers the Shakedown came back looking stronger than ever when they took down Northwest Indiana’s Region Rat Rollers (RRR).

The Shakedown immediately scored and started  with a 12-0 lead after the first two jams. The score quickly changed in the fourth jam with a power jam in RRR’s favor. RRR jammer Casstastrophe scored 20 points putting RRR in the lead 24-14.

RRR increased their lead in the following  jam and only gave up 2 points to Shakedown. But in jam 6 Shakedown turned the bout around when Puck scored 20 points in a power jam. Though both teams continued to increase their scores, RRR had several penalties resulting in power jams in Shakedown’s favor. By halftime the score was 154-79.

Despite the 75 point lead RRR were by no means about to give up. Throughout the entire second half they fought to close the gap. With 2 ½ minutes left in the final half, only a mere 12 points separated the Region Rat Rollers from the Shakedown (193-181).

It wasn’t looking good for RRR when the 21st jam of the second half began with the Shakedown's Scream Printer as the only jammer on the track.  Scream Printer let full 2 minutes run and scored 13 points to put Shakedown at a 206-185 lead.

Shakedown surprisingly called a timeout with 4 seconds left on the game clock, leaving time for one last jam. Everyone in the crowd was on edge when Region Rat Rollers' Trauma Cass took lead jammer and quickly scored points.  RRR kept the Shakedown from scoring and with an unofficial score of 206-200 it was unclear who would be announced the winners. Agonizing moments later the score remained the same and the Shakedown took their victory lap. Both teams were extremely proud of their outcome.

[column size="2-3" last="0"] For an inside look on the Shakedown bout check out Shakedown jammer #smashtag’s account of their victory: Click here to read more. [/column]

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Graves called lead jammer

Continuing the winning streak Shade Brigade had a 191-13 victory over Peoria Push Derby Dames. Shade Brigade started out strong with a 0-8 lead by the 3rd jam. Peoria turned the score around in the following jam flipping the lead to 16-11 Peoria. However jammers, Graves, Jenergizer Bunny and the Big Lebekski took back the lead (both in jams and score).

Peoria did their best to keep it close and managed to cut Shade Brigade’s lead to four points during the first half of the period but by the half Shade Brigade blockers particularly Lindiana Jones, Valerie of the Dolls and Sneer and Loathing kept Peoria jammers from having a scoring pass, increasing Shade’s score and ending with a 91-41 lead at half time.

Shade Brigade continued to triumph, giving up only 9 points in an entire 7min of the second. With about 20min to go Shade was up 120-50. There were some strong performances by Peoria jammers Tased E Bacon, Shiner, and Gingy but it wasn’t enough and Shade ultimately won 191-103.

We thank both Region Rat Rollers and Peoria Push for coming out to Chicago. Come see us at our next home bout when Syndicate and ShadeBrigade take on Blue Ridge and Mclean County.

~Loka In Motion

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