All Bout Everything



May 11, 2013. Bout day. Although we start playing at 7pm, for me, as soon as I wake up, I'm in bout day mentality. Everything is about the bout-- bout day breakfast, bout day shower, bout day outfit, etc. The reality of my bout day begins around 3pm with a stop at the storage facility and then off to the field house, where I'll spend the next 7 hours putting together the floor, handing out programs, cleaning up, and of course, playing roller derby.  

Entering my second game with the Shakedown, I had significantly less nervous energy than my first bout. Looking back at my first bout, sitting on the bench, waiting for the whistle to blow for my first jam, I can remember exactly what I felt -- I felt like I was going to puke. I had a lot of uncertainty during the first bout, but I had largely conquered it for the second one. Plus, as Mimi Furst put it, after losing by 400 points, how much worse could it go?

As I was warming up on track with the Shakedown, the feeling of the Masonite floor was familiar, the sounds of the crowd were almost normal, and I felt good. Game time.


For this bout, we went with a five jammer rotation, and I was one of them. I had my doubts about my ability to get out of the pack and score points, but as we entered the first half, I grew more confident. Our jammers (Scream, Puck, Maimy, Rapp and myself) had scored 150 points in the first half, while our blockers kept the Region Rat Rollers to only 75 points. At halftime, we left the track, found a quiet spot and took a minute to gather our thoughts. We discussed the pros and cons of our performance thus far, and went back out, telling ourselves the score was 0-0 -- that this was a new game and that we had nothing to be confident about.

Our lead dwindled throughout the second half, right up until we entered a jam with just under three minutes on the game clock and a score of 189-177 Shakedown. Scream Printer jammed and widened the lead to 206-181. With seconds left on the clock, we used a time-out to refocus our efforts and give Scream a quick break, because she was headed out to jam again. With a jammer penalty on Scream, everyone  was out of their seats watching as the margin quickly narrowed. Just as Region Rat Rollers were in a position to win, Scream was released from the box, broke through the pack and forced the Region Rat Rollers to call the jam -- final score 206-200, Shakedown.


We fought hard for this win, and we needed it. We left the track Saturday night stronger and more confident as a team -- not just as fourteen individual skaters who were less scared this time than last time. Fans who watched both recent Shakedown bouts described us as more aggressive, more organized and more effective than in our first bout. And we’re only just getting started.