Shade Brigade Rubs Out Dupage, 223-110

The Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade

In their first bout of the season the Chicago Outfit’s Shade Brigade rolled out to the Coachite Skate Center in Roselle, IL, to take on the DuPage Derby Dames. The Outfit had a rough start when Shade blocker  *The Apostrofiend, injured her ankle during warm-ups. With no available alternates the Shade continued their pre-bout routine with their minds still set on a win.

At a quarter past six, the first whistle blew. Shade Brigade’s Jenergizer Bunny was paired up against Derby Dame’s Pink Pow Her Ranger. Bunny was lead jammer but was forced to call off the jam as Pow Her Ranger broke out of the pack only seconds after she did. In the second jam, DuPage drew first blood when jammer Beat em’ Tender Hooligan scored four points. The Shade Brigade retaliated in the next jam. Outfit blockers: Celia Coffin, Agony Andy, Jane Flinch, and Lindiana Jones held back Dupage jammer Speed Kate, allowing Outfit’s the Big Lebekski to snag 10 points.

For the next three jams the score bounced back and forth with the teams alternating lead jammers. This came to an end when in the seventh jam Jenergizer Bunny had a 30 point jam against Speed Kate. Shade blocker Sneer and Loathing did not let up on the Dames jammer, knocking her out twice and forcing her to come in the back of the pack both times. Looking like a pack of angry bees in their yellow jerseys, the Shade blockers swarmed around Speed Kate each time she re-entered the pack.

Shade MVPS MVP blocker Uma Bomber and MVP jammer Jenergizer Bunny

As the first half continued, Shade kept the Dames from scoring while extending their lead. In jam 14, Pink Pow Her Ranger was sent to the penalty box leaving Jenergizer Bunny to score another 25 points. In the following jam however it seemed that the tables would turn when Shade jammer Graves was sent to the penalty box.  But Shade blockers Lindiana Jones and Sneer and Loathing only gave Emtropy one scoring pass. The Dames kept fighting. Before half-time we saw an incredible apex jump from Pink Pow Her Ranger during a power jam in the Dames favor. The first half ended with the Shade Brigade in the lead, 119-52.

In the second half the teams remained on the same benches. It seemed DuPage hoped to shake things up by starting at the pivot line. They came out strong and within the first six jams had closed the gap changing the score to 126-73. It was clear that neither side was done fighting when in jam 8 neither jammers the Big Lebekski  and Beat em’ Tender broke the pack. A few jams later though Shade jammer Sam Eh Shocker had a power jam and scored 19 pts.

Though DuPage jammers remained aggressive, the Shade Brigade continued expanding their lead. In the final jam the score was 205-102. Shade jammer Graves got lead jammer and let jam go on for the full 2 minutes. The final score was 223-110.

A big thank you to DuPage Derby Dames for hosting us. Be sure to come out to our next home bout this Saturday to see the Shade Brigade take on Peoria Push and the Shakedown go up against Region Rat Rollers.

- Loka in Motion