Shakedown Vs. Quad City Rollergirls


As the designated security on the skydeck at the Windy City Fieldhouse, I had the perfect view of the whole bout – while still doing my job, of course.

The Shakedown played first, and while comprised of many new skaters, the team was carefully selected to face the Quad City Rollers. Shakedown emails and practices leading up to the Home Opener carefully picked apart Quad City footage to see their strengths and weaknesses. As the first jam whistle of the bout went off, it was a moment of truth.

What I noticed first from my high-above post was Quad City’s effectiveness at screening. This was something the Shakedown tried hard to counteract, but Quad City still managed to battle their way through. Their offense was strong, and the Shakedown put up a fight. I didn’t keep an eye on the score; I could not see it, and I was more focused on watching the game than the numbers. The showdown between the Shakedown and Quad City was impressive. I cheered as I saw Shake jammers get lead and screamed Smashtag and Sam Eh’s names as though they could hear me from the second floor.

I also noticed the Shakedown’s ability to adapt as the bout went on – making those walls tighter and those hits harder. Many of the Shakedown girls had never bouted before, but they could’ve fooled me. While ultimately it did not result in a win, the bout was an important learning experience, even as a spectator and newer skater myself.

Ladies – you looked good out there. You went up against a team of seasoned skaters and you still scored against them and held back a lot of their jams. That is awesome.

Don’t ever give up. In less than two weeks, you can show those Rat Rollers everything you learned from this bout…and then some.

- Killer Zee