Meet Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian, D.C. (“Miss Alignment”)

Every Wednesday at practice I look forward to seeing Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian (“Miss Alignment”), and not just because she adjusts me. She has an amazing bedside manner, sharing life insights with me even if only for a brief moment. Dr. Ghorbanian exemplifies doctor as teacher and having medical volunteers like her on the team is priceless. Adjusting the team right before practice doesn’t leave much time for chatting, so I did an interview with her to learn more.

Why did you want to be a chiropractor? How does the chiropractic philosophy match your beliefs about health and/or healthcare? I was originally pre-med in college, then I realized about three years in that traditional "healthcare" meant giving people meds to take away their symptoms, and calling that lack of symptoms good health. Filling your medicine cabinet with prescription drugs was not what I had in mind when I thought about helping people have better health, so I knew I didn't want to go to med school but had no idea what I WAS going to do. My boyfriend at the time had a fraternity brother who was a chiropractor and was like, maybe you should talk to him? So I did and ended up going to chiropractic school even though I'd never been adjusted. How crazy is that? I firmly believe chiropractic chose me. I always believed that healthy food could be medicine and exercise was important, but once I was introduced to the philosophy that the body heals itself from the inside and interference in the nervous system can cause poor health, I knew chiropractic was right for me. It just made sense. How long have you been the league’s chiropractor? Oh man, since May 2010. I'm not an OG but I've been around for a minute.

Why did you want to be the chiropractor for The Chicago Outfit? How did this come about? I thought the Outfit was awesome so I thought about trying out, then I realized two things: 1. the time commitment is insane! 2. so many injuries occur! That's just not an option in my work. I wasn't sure they'd be interested but I emailed the volunteer/bout coordinator (Mari Cone at the time)that I wanted to volunteer my time and services. She told me to show up at the bout and see if anyone wanted to get adjusted. Well, they definitely did. From there I started showing up to Wednesday night practices and more girls would come over to talk to me foran adjustment. Now there are girls that come specifically on Wednesdays to get adjusted or try to show up a little early to see me. I say it all the time; it's the best 30 minutes of my whole week.

What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor especially as an athlete? Are there specific benefits for skaters? That's a great question. Most people don't realize that your nervous system controls every single thing your body does, from breathing to digesting food to healing your sprained ankle. If your spine is out of proper alignment, its pressure on your nervous system and you don't function or heal at 100%. Adjusting the bones takes the pressure off nerves so the brain can communicate with the body. This is why many high level athletes and teams get adjusted regularly to stay functioning, heal faster, and get back to doing what they love to do. There were over 100 chiropractors at the Olympics this year and all but one NFL team has a chiropractor on staff. Since derby has so many impacts and injuries, skaters benefit not only because sprains, strains, bruises, etc. heal faster but also by avoiding those injuries in the first place by having better posture and balance.

I heard that you are the "go-to" chiropractor for many artists and bands that pass through Chicago. Why musicians too? Can you tell us about any favorite artists that you’ve serviced? It started in 2009 when I was at Lollapalooza and started thinking about how many of my patients were amateur/professional dancers, drummers, bass techs, opera singers, head bangers, punk rockers, guitar players, whatever and how much they loved chiropractic, and I wondered if Snoop and Depeche Mode got adjusted.

Bon Jovi wrote a great testimonial here about why he travels with a chiropractor and has been under regular care for over 20 years. Musicians can look at their three hour performances like any athlete looks at their three hour game. They can physically do what they love to do better and longer because of chiropractic care.

I've adjusted Jane's Addiction, Kid Rock, Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses), Dolly Parton, Ziggy Marley, Casting Crowns, Staind, Rascal Flatts to name a few. Eventually I'd like to go on tour and combine my love of travel with chiropractic!

Do you have any health advice for skaters? Your body is like a car. How are you maintaining it outside of practice? What kind of fuel are you putting into it? How do you eat/drink/exercise/think? Think about what stresses you're under physically, chemically and emotionally. What do you do to help your body repair and recover? It's made to last you 100 years. Be nice to it! Come over and chat with me anytime. I'd love to talk to you more, and it's totally ok if you don't know anything about chiropractic. Just know that I want to help your car run better. Chiropractic is what smart, healthy people do. Done deal.