So What’s the Deal with Crossfit Anyway?


I’ve been going to Chicago Elite Fitness, a Veteran owned and operated gym in Bucktown, since May 2012. You may or may not have heard of it. “Boxes” and Crossfit gyms are popping up left and right. Crossfit is a “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.”  Which basically means every time you step into the gym you’ll be getting a different experience from the day prior. 

The consistency you can rely on is you will have a warm up, a strength movement and depending on the gym…or the day you’ll have an Olympic lifting skill that you will work on.  And of course the WOD…What is that? WOD stands for “Work Out of The Day”…which is if you like getting your butt kicked? This is where you get it!

The WOD and Olympic lifting are probably the most challenging yet rewarding parts of Crossfit for me personally.  I’m still working on my Cleans and Snatches. But it feels so good to get the movement down and then watch your strength go up over the months of working on it.

Same goes with the WOD. Coaches will design a work out to fit what’s been going on that week, including what skills you were previously working on.

So let’s say you came into the gym and your coach had you warm up with some box jumps, sit ups and then double unders (those are a pain to learn at first… unless you were one of those “OG” jump rope queens on the block)

Then your strength might be something like dead lifts or squats. Lifting to a percentage of your max lifting effort aka a “PR”. Certain weeks you move up to your “PR”.

Your skill might be something like working on a snatch or a ring dip, which when more advanced would be a “muscle up”. (insanely hard…go ahead google that.)

You’d probably end up doing “Elizabeth” or “Cindy”  that day. 


           21 – 15 – 9 Reps

          135lb Clean

            Ring Dips 


    ( many rounds as possible) in 20 Minutes

        5 Pull Ups

      10 Push Ups

      15 Squats 

These timings of reps and rounds really help create the challenge of keeping your endurance up.  And as the coaches say working on your "athleticism".  

I personally enjoy Crossfit. Minus it becoming a “cult” thing. It’s right up my alley.

Every day is a different challenge and I get to compete with other people on many skill levels…hmm sort of reminds me of???...Roller Derby?

Yes. You can over do it. Yes, you can hurt yourself and over train. But as long as you are smart and know your limits you should be just fine. I recommend this to anyone visits a gym regularly. I personally don’t think this kind of work out is for people who just started becoming active. Though after a little bit of time, it’s worth a try. I started after years of working out at a regular gym and getting bored of the same routine. I wanted to get stronger and have better endurance for Roller Derby. Well I’ve been a steady Crossfitter since May 2012…We’ll see if it’s been worth my extra time. This will be my second season with the Outfit. I’ve really been kicking my butt the past year to get better at this sport. Even started eating like a horse…the healthiest of horses of course…also one that likes chicken? But I’ll save that for another blog.

Signing off as the work out/health nerd on the Chicago Outfit


-Maimy Winehouse