“Z” as in Zee

I’m Laurie/Killer Zee. I’m a recent addition to the Outfit and it’s awesome. I’m slowly starting to remember everyone’s names and faces as well as make new friends. Sometimes it’s hard for me to come out of my shell, so getting the chance to introduce myself seems like a good place to start. I’m not sure how good of a first impression I’ll make because I’m out of my mind, but just stay with me!  

I live with my fiancé Andrew and my pet sea monkeys (we’re not allowed to have “real” pets in our building).  We’re getting married this Halloween 10/31/2013 at the International Museum of Surgical Science. I get to be surrounded by priceless medical artifacts, medieval surgery paintings, and plasticized human bodies – Yeah, I’m weird, but it’s really not as morbid as I just made it sound. It’s beautiful.

After telling him how much I like all the girls on the team, Andrew said, “Well, we’re probably gonna have to make some space for them to come to the wedding!” How he plans on cramming everyone into a space that only fits 75, I’ll never know. However, we plan on having an after show. Details to come as I try not to turn into bridezilla. If anyone out there has offbeat wedding planning advice…HALP!


I would say that derby and The Outfit is just an extension of some of the things I like and enjoy –female empowerment, athleticism, competitiveness, and contributing charitably.  Joining the team just made sense for me, plus I’ve only been waiting like, 7 years to finally do it.


Hmm…here are some other random things I like (in no particular order): cooking with my crock pot, baking cakes, sewing clothes without patterns cause I like to just wing it, playing my guitar, watching horror movies in my pjs, The Lillingtons, exploring abandoned buildings, Frankenstein, pizza, sleeping in, volunteering with One Tail At A Time, DIY, thrifting, pizza, Dying Fetus, Malort, dead things, dancing, Star Wars, pizza, Workaholics, mermaids, my 17-year old dog Ella and overweight min pin Ivy, and about a million other things.


Oh, and pizza. I like pizza.

…and tacos.