Some Sue Flay


Hello roller-friends, and greetings from a new blogger on the block. Here are some things about me you should probably know. 1. I am not a monster.

2. Many have said something along the lines of, “Derby saved me.” I have never really felt like someone in need of saving, and myself pre-derby was no different. However, derby has enriched my life in uncountable ways. Through this sport, for the first time, I challenge myself with something that does not at all come easily to me. Every accomplishment is well-fought for. Derby has also brought scads of wonderful, willful, talented, and tough women into my life. These relationships are still growing, and getting more beautiful by the day.

3.  I think way too much. About everything. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, it’s to my detriment. Out on the track, I have a hard time making a move without thinking it through first, and this is something that gets me into trouble. However, obsessing about things has always brought me a greater knowledge of myself, and others. Someday, I hope to turn this into my derby superpower.

4. I struggle with things that come naturally to some. Like exercise and athleticism. Or knowing what to eat and how much of it to eat. I have come to realize that I will be struggling with the same things for my whole life. Sometimes I fail at them. Sometimes I triumph. I always learn something.

5.  I cook. It’s one of my things. With a name like Sue Flay, what else would you expect? I have an embarrassingly large cookbook collection, and binders full of recipes I’ve collected over time. I will fiddle with the better ones until they fit me best.

6. My harshest critic is myself. While I am very good at seeing progress in others and calling it out, my first instinct when it comes to myself is not praise. I’m working on seeing the good in myself, like I know others see in me. Like I can see in others.

7. I took a hard fall, and it’s led to a fairly serious butt injury. I’m working on getting through the time off-skates with a bit of positivity and optimism. Meanwhile, I’ve picked up a new nickname: Brokebutt Mountain.

8. You should expect to hear more about all of this, because where there is something to obsess about, there’s something to write about.

9. I ran out of pictures of myself, so here’s a picture of our dog getting more use out of our treadmill than we did.


Sue Flay