Undead Miss Red

I'm Undead Miss Red, mama, wife, teacher and derby girl. This will be my first season with The Outfit, but I've been back on skates for a couple of years now, after starting with Derby Lite as a way to get some exercise doing something far more my speed than a treadmill.

I skated like crazy as a child of the 80s, first on roller skates in the huge blacktop parking lot next to my house on the South Side of Chicago, and later on a skateboard. A *lot* of it came right back to me when I strapped on skates shortly after the birth of my second son.
My time with The Outfit so far has been incredible. Everyone -- from other newer girls like me to longtime veterans who skate with the Syndicate -- has been supportive, outgoing and genuinely invested in helping all of us do the absolute best we can. I pick up something new, learn a better way to approach a fundamental and get more comfortable on the track at each practice. This is truly a family, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.
Watch for me to write about my first year skating with The Outfit, as well as my experiences as a derby-playing mama. (There are lots of us!)