Finding Derby Love as a New Girl


I’m Killer Zee. I’m new, shy, and a little awkward.  I’m still getting to know everyone, and have come across many girls I view as my heroes. You all inspire me! I have not yet proclaimed my love to a specific partner in crime, but there’s one person who comes to mind. Anny SMACKquiao

I met her during bootcamp this past November. Not only was I relieved to have someone else to talk to who was new but I’m pretty sure she’s my Filipino sister and we were separated at birth.  We’re still learning, and once she gets it down, the next time you see her will be when she laps you!

Smack, you’re the ragin’ to my asian.

I would also like to make a mention to my numerous derby crushes.

Lola Blow: I get nervous talking to her because I don’t want to look dumb.  Plus I’m stunned by her good looks.

Suzie Crotchrot: I secretly try to impress her. I haven’t been successful…yet.

Smashley: She hit me so hard today that I thought I was paralyzed. My first thought? “Whoa. That was awesome.”

But in the end, I love ALL of you.  I look forward to skating with you all and having lots of new adventures, as well as bruises.