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I still remember the night I passed all of my (WFTDA) minimum skills – it was at the end of a Monday night practice when Smashley Destructo gave me the good news. Why is that significant? Because it meant that my first practice with the league was on a Wednesday night – guided scrimmage! I didn’t know then that I should be scared. I thought, hey, I love roller skating – it’s one thing I’ve always been pretty good at. We started off with some drills and those weren’t so bad. Then, it came time to scrimmage. My first time in was over before I had a chance to understand what was happening. I felt bodies pushing and moving and I moved along with them, but it was all a blur. Suddenly, I realized that turn-around toe stops are a hell of a lot harder when you’re going that fast. I clearly had a lot to learn. I also remember the adrenaline rush – I felt alive. I knew right then and there that I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything about the game and I wanted to give it my all. I’ve been coming back and learning with each practice. Let’s be honest – some practices leave you feeling like you’re never going to be as awesome on your skates as the charter ladies. Other nights, one of the skaters who you have a ton of respect for, gets pumped about something you managed to do right and it leaves you feeling like a damn rocks star. Either way, derby quickly teaches you one of life’s most important lessons – when life (or a bad ass woman) knocks you down, you get back up and you push harder. Never ever give up. What’s the best part about skating with the Outfit? It’s that you have a whole community of amazing, strong women to encourage you and motivate you each step of the way. Let’s be honest, this league has some of the coolest girls around. How’d this nerdy girl make it into the cool kids club? I’m still wondering that myself.

What I do know is that practice days are my favorite days of the week, and, when that’s 4 out of 7 days, things don’t look too shabby. On those days that I get frustrated and feel like I have SO MUCH to learn, I remind myself that attitude is everything. I’m a shark, not a goldfish…



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