Double Dose of Win

By Hellevator and Loka in Motion “DO THE DAMN THING!” Most sports teams have a pre-game chant before hitting the field, rink, track, etc. Roller derby teams, and the Outfit, are no exception to this rule. Before the jammer takes the line or the pack forms we get together and chant “OUTFIT OUTFIT DO THE DAMN THING! (in case you were wondering what it is we’re rambunctiously shouting).

The Shakedown and Shade Brigade certainly did the damn thing this past weekend in Indianapolis when they took on Indianapolis’ Circle City Derby Girls. In the first game, The Outfit’s newest team, the Shakedown, took on CCDG’s Party Crashers. From the get go, the Shakedown executed the strategies they had worked hard learning and perfecting throughout the Outfit’s season. As a pack the skaters played smart and did what they had to do to make sure their jammer was lead. The Party Crashers definitely proved to be worthy opponents when catching on to our jammer rotations. In the end Shakedown triumphed with a 181-73 win over the Party Crashers. Their use of strategy and well-honed skills definitely paid off with this being their biggest victory to date. Personal favorite moment? When Shakedown’s pack helped The Apostrofiend, who had never jammed during an Outfit bout before, score 25 points during a power jam! Go ‘Fiend!

With the excitement of the Outfit’s first victory everyone was eager for the second game to begin. The first jam of the period was intense and it was obvious CCDG’s Socialites were not just going to hand the Shade Brigade a victory. Throughout the first period the scores of both teams increased by small increments. The Shade stayed strong and ended the first half of the bout in the lead. However, in the second half, the Socialites snuck up on the Outfit until they were at a tie. Finally in the final jam The Shade were up by only a mere 10 points. It was up to Ivana Schoop to maintain the lead. When the jam was over the fans waited for the points to be tallied and shown on the board. The final score was 114-107, Shade allowing everyone to finally breathe.

We want to thank CCDG for hosting the Shakedown and Shade. Both teams had a lot of fun and we are very grateful to have played such a wonderful group of women. We hope that the Outfit can play CCDG again in the near future.

Next weekend (August 18), the Shade Brigade travels all the way to Columbus, Ohio to take on the Ohio Roller Girl’s Gang Green team. The Syndicate will be playing as well, in the second game against OHRG’s Charter Team. The following weekend (August 25), The Shakedown will be going down state to play The Peoria Push Derby Dames’ Wrecking Crew team. Oddly enough, CCDG’s Party Crashers will also be playing that evening, against PPDD’s Demolition Dames. Can’t make it to these out of town games? Come see us play Septemeber 8th for our last home bout!! Hope to see you then. OUTFIT OUTFIT DO THE DAMN THING!