Q&A with Our New Marketing Coordinator

The Outfit has gone through many changes this season. Adding another item to the list is our election of a new Marketing Coordinator. Hero Shima has stepped up to the immense role and we wanted to hear more about her decision to run for the position and her ideas for the future marketing of the league. Here is our Q&A with Shima! Q. How long have you skated with the Outfit? A. I have skated with the Outfit since season three, starting in January of 2010. This is my third season with the greatest roller derby team in the world!

Q. Describe your previous involvement with league committee work. A. I recently became the Marketing Coordinator, but before that was active in the events committee last year and other various committees here and there.

Q. What was your favorite “Outfit Moment” (i.e. what is your most exciting/fun/etc. memory of the league)? A. I think the NC Regionals tournament was definitely my favorite experience with the Outfit to date. It was just so emotional (our last bout with some really close friends and teammates) and we performed better than we had ever expected. Otherwise, our recent trip to Charm City was really fun! They are a great league with a really good attitude, and I really enjoyed getting a chance to hang as a league and bond around the city. Queefer, Silkk, Lindy, Erin Watershow and I all flew together and cruised around the city in our rented "Escalade."

Q. What made you decide to run for Marketing Coordinator? A. It was just one of those things. I usually feel pretty strapped for time with medical school and my band, not to mention derby in general, so I hadn't been planning on it. But a few emails went by and no one seemed to want to do it, so when it was announced at our meeting I thought ‘I could do that! Why haven't I volunteered?’ It's a great time for me as I head into my fourth year of med school. I’m about to have a lot more free time than I’m used to. I really think the Outfit is an especially marketable league, not to mention a hot one. There are a lot of things I'd like to do, and I’m really excited about it, but unfortunately this late in the season most of them are ideas that will probably be more appropriate for next season. But I’ll probably run again!

Q. What duties do you have to perform as the Outfit’s new Marketing Coordinator? A. As Marketing Coordinator I'm in charge of overseeing and planning out anything involved with advertising the league. Online ticket sales, helping the announcers at our bouts with all the information they need to market our wonderful sponsors, helping my committee heads with things like merch, street teaming, social media, our website, any PR, our print media, and other responsibilities with the board of directors. It's a big job, but part of what I like about it is that it works pretty closely with some of the other members of the board. It's definitely a team approach and I couldn't do it without my teammates that have stepped up to be bout production, events, or all of my various committees. I like that. I like working with all of my teammates for a common goal.

Q. As Marketing Coordinator, what are your overall goals for the league this season and beyond? A. Like I mentioned before, I think our league is especially marketable compared to a lot of other leagues. We're super cute (which really doesn't hurt), we've got some great big personalities, people are generally really willing to step up and help out, and we're more of a grassroots league so we do all of our work ourselves. I think that's admirable and something the public can get behind. I really don't think we've been marketing ourselves to the best of our ability and I'd really like to see that change. I'd like to start doing more street teaming. Getting more audience participation at our bouts is a big goal of mine. I want the public to get to know us. I love my teammates so much and I know that if the public got more of a chance to hang out with us, and make relationships, they'd feel the same. I also would like to get us out into the community more, helping out with other women's sports leagues in the city, as well as doing more public appearances at bars, and hosting more events for the public. I want to plaster the city with the Outfit and do a better job of marketing roller derby in general. It's such a great sport, and raising awareness for it is really something that all derby leagues have a responsibility to do.

Congratulations on your new position with the league, Shima!