The Breakouts We Don't Want to See

With being an Esthetician outside of roller derby, I thought I'd combine both of my passions.... I am going to give a few tips on keeping your skin healthy while kicking some butt. If you feel the need to wear makeup on the track Be Smart About It!

  • Mineral Makeup is your new best friend. Less likely to clog pores while staying on while you are working hard. (I personally use an oil-free toner to set my powder...holds on all practice and or bout).
  • Waterproof mascara...but of course
  • Eyelid primer is a must. Holds your liner and  eye shadow on. Also can be used for lipstick too!

Well now that you're all dolled up and sweaty...let's take it off and talk about ways to avoid acne.

  • Oil-free, Non-Comedogenic face wipes are awesome. Keep them in your equipment bag and use them right after or before you play (before if you aren't wearing makeup already). If you are prone to acne use a kind with salicylic acid.
  • Shower after practice or bout as soon as you can! Your pores are wide open and you're now covered in bacteria and sweat, breeding ground for pimples. If you can't shower, change your clothes and get out of that sports way to avoid bac-ne!
  • When cleansing try to use an exfoliant that night after your bout/practice.
  • Stop touching yourself! Yes I said it. Your hands and wrist guards are diiirty, if you keep touching your face you'll only spread more dirt/bacteria.
  • Use bandanas. Wipe your face with a fresh one, also use one to hold your hair back while guarding your forehead in a helmet. 

If you do have break outs here's a few at-home tricks:

  • Smashed up Aspirin mixed with a little water over a pimple.
  • Toothpaste over a pimple works similarly
  • Tea tree Oil also helps clear up acne without drying you out.

Also EAT WELL...not only does it affect your performance, but your skin is usually the first indicator on how the rest of your body is doing...

  • Fresh food, fresh fruit...your skin should look radiant.
  • Drink lots of water, will keep you hydrated and flush your system from toxins.
  • Probiotics are another great way to flush out your system while keeping you and your skin healthy. (I vote the non-dairy kind because dairy can actually cause more breakouts and inflammation). 

So stay clean and stay healthy ladies! ;)

Maimy Winehouse 17days