Cheese Louise! The Outfit Has A New General Manager


The Chicago Outfit has seen some changes throughout the 2012 season, the most recent of which resulted in the election of a new General Manager. Last month, the league elected Cheese Louise, dedicated Outfit fan extraordinaire, as the Outfit’s GM. I interviewed her about her history with the Outfit, her decision to run for GM, and her ideas for the future of the league.

1. How did you first hear about the Outfit?

I started dating the lovely Lola Blow and almost instantly became the most dedicated derby widow there ever was.

2. Describe your previous involvement with the league.

I started out as a super fan and then tried my hand at NSOing. This ended up being a terrible idea since I really just wanted to cheer the team on, a total no no for non-skating officials.

3. What was your favorite “Outfit Moment” (i.e. what is your most exciting/fun/etc. memory of the league)?

The after parties. All of them. Have you ever been to a Chicago Outfit after party? If not, you are missing out. Whether it’s home or away, no matter the outcome of the game, the Outfit wins the after party. So much dancing. So much good times.

4. What made you decide to run for General Manager? 

My dedication to the team continued to grow.  I had a lot of opinions and ideas on how to organize and help out.  I recognized the time advantage that I had, not having all the on and off skate commitments that active skaters have.

5. What duties do you have to perform as the Outfit’s new General Manager?

My major duty is to know and interpret the Policies and Procedures and make sure that they are being followed. I also contribute to discussions, assist in problem solving, and mediate/communicate between members. It's really more exciting than it sounds.

6. As General Manager, what are your overall goals for the league this season and beyond?

My goal is pretty much to increase the efficiency of the administration. There are so many different types of personalities and talents in this league and I think that everyone has something very important to contribute if they have the right platform


Congratulations on your new position with the league, Cheese! Your dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm make you a great asset to the Outfit Family.