Featured Skater – July 2012


Rude E. Huxtable


Q: How has being part of a team impacted your life on and off the track?
A: I never really played sports in high school so it's cool to build and experience the camaraderie that comes with being involved in a sport. Not to mention the ladies of the Outfit are more than teammates, they are a huge support system for me that have helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.
Q: How important is good sportswomanship to you?
A: It's kind of amazing watching derby grow as a sport, but even just watching females be so empowered and pushed to do something active and something they love. It's hard because no matter how tough we are on the exterior we are all still women- we get irritated- we get defensive. But in order to respect the sport and respect each other we got to put it aside for the love of the game.
Q: What is your ultimate derby goal?
A: I was just talking to my family about this. They would like me closer to home but my heart right now is completely obsessed with the Outfit and Chicago. I said that after a season with the Syndicate (one sweet day) I'd move home to play for Detroit - so my family could see me play.  But right now my personal goals are  to take a hit from Matza Ball Breaker without crumbling to pieces and to do hockey stops like Shocka Conduit.
Q: How did you first become involved in roller derby?
A: I went on tour a few years ago with a friend's band and we were in Cincinnati and these girls rolled up on skates and handed me a flyer. Apparently where we were at was where they bout. So in 2009 I remember posting on Twitter "thinking about doing roller derby". After the tour I came  home and my roommate was dating one of the Outfit girls (Lemmy Destroyer) and a regular at my Starbucks (Kola Loka) was wearing a WCR tee. I asked her what it was about and informed her I'd never skated and she started taking me to speed. Around the end of June I went with Lemmy to the pride parade. I watched the girls pose for The Vagine Regime merch photoshoot with Shoot to Kill in an alley in Lakeview and then went to a picnic at Belmont Harbor and met the girls. That was the day I fell in love with each of the girls. Lemmy taught me how to do falls and stops and a few weeks later I was part of the family. August 2010 was my first after party. And due to being on team injured, summer 2011 was my first bout.
I love my Outfit family.