Shakedown Vs. BNBG


The Chicago Outfit Shakedown continued their season with a bout against Covington,Kentucky’s Black n’ Bluegrass Rollergirls. This is the second season that the Shakedown has existed as a team on the Outfit, and it has been a very exciting one. I have been lucky enough to bout with the Shakedown all season long, and this game ended up being one of our best played bouts.

What is great about The Shakedown is that the skaters on the roster are allowed equal playtime and may choose the position that they would like to play in a bout. Not many other leagues have a traveling team that offers players that opportunity! I chose to primarily be a Jammer, but also block a few jams too. I love to Jam, but it makes my stomach turn more than anything. Whenever I arrive at the jammer line I feel my knees tremble, in spite of my best efforts not to appear nervous. However, once I hear the double-tweet of the ref’s whistle, the adrenalin begins to pump and my only focus is pushing through the pack.

I felt very nervous about this bout, as I’m sure many of my teammates were too. The Black n’ Bluegrass Rollergirls appeared to be a tough lot, and the slick cement floor of the bouting arena didn’t do much to soothe my nerves. The beginning of the bout was rough, and BNBG began the bout with a good lead over us. But at some point during the first half of the bout, something clicked with the Shakedown. The team began to utilize the strategies we have been working so hard at during practices and scrimmages very effectively. Players communicated well with one another. Blockers switched from defense to offense when needed, which helped me when I was jamming immensely. The Shakedown’s teamwork really came together, and at a few points during the game the scores were a point or two apart. It was a very exciting game for the spectators and players alike. However, Black ‘nBluegrassended the game with some excellent power jams, and The Shakedown was defeated 175-123.

Although we lost, the team was very proud of how we played. This was a true bonding moment for the Shakedown, a time when the Outfit’s newest skaters came together and played a strong game as a team. It was something we all felt strongly that night, and a very exciting moment for a new skater such as myself. I have a feeling that the Shakedown has a great future in store.

On a final note, The Shakedown did experience a bigger loss that evening (which made for a very sentimental after party!). Sylvia Plaster, The Shakedown’s line runner, is leaving the Outfit and moving on to life in the real world. Plaster has been a great asset to the Shakedown and a great friend as well, and she will be missed. The Shakedown loves you, Plaster!