New Members of the Family

The Outfit Family just got a little bigger. At the end of last month, advanced tryouts were held for skaters interested in joining The Outfit. They had to pass the WFTDA basic skills assessment, plus a few other skills that are useful in derby. 5 new skaters made the cut and began joining team practices last Wednesday. I had a chance to interview two of our new skaters- Goose Cannon and Shewanna Rock.


What is your previous skating experience?

Goose Cannon: My previous skating experience has been pretty much nothing until I started skating with Derby Lite 5 months ago. Before that, I had recreationally roller bladed, but I bought quad skates last August and had a very wobbly few months before I signed up for Derby Lite.

Shewanna Rock: My previous skating experience includes skating around my driveway in my mom's old skates (yarn pom-poms and all) as a kid-with my shiny red boom box blasting the hits of the 80's.  Fast forward to almost 2yrs ago when I found Derbylite and began skating there.  There were a lot of years between the two, but I still love it just as much!


What made you decide to become involved with roller derby?

GC: Not gonna lie, but I never heard of roller derby until I saw "Whip It"  when it came out a couple years ago, but then I saw my first Chicago Outfit Derby bout last summer and I was hooked. I found it so exciting and I wanted to learn more about the sport and since I've always thought skating was more fun than running, I thought it would be a great way to get in shape.

SR: I became involved in roller derby in a round-a-bout way.  A friend and I saw a poster for a bout and I said "we should go to that."  She responded with "no, we should DO that!," and a few weeks later we joined Derbylite.  I wasn't really sure what Derbywas all about, but I quickly fell in love with the sport and community. It's an amazing community of diverse, strong, fun women and has been the one sport that 'fits' me.



How did you hear about the Outfit?

GC: I heard about the Outfit from Hero-Shima, who is my brother's girlfriend. She was the one who actually suggested I put on some skates and try out. I have never been athletically inclined or very sporty so I thought she was a little crazy, (I mean, me? Skate?!) but I took her suggestion and surprisingly, fell completely in love with roller skating. It's just so exhilarating. I feel like I'm flying when I get going really fast.

SR:I heard about the Outfit through some ladies who are a part of both The Outfit and derbylite.


What made you decide to join the Outfit?

GC: I wanted to be a part of the Outfit because I love the diversity in the group. I think there's so much team spirit and I also love that it's a non-profit that gives back to the community. (also, it helps that I adore Shima and already knew someone on the team.) Chicago Outfit has been my goal since I bought my roller skates last summer and I am SO EXCITED to be given the opportunity to continue to learn about derby with The Outfit.

SR: I decided to tryout for the Outfit because I really wanted to skate more, increase my skills and try my hand at real derby.  Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger!!!  I chose the Outfit because the women I've met who are members are really incredible, smart, strong and dedicated, not to mention really supportive and fun.  I'm in awe of the skills these women have and I look forward to learning from them and skating with them.

Congratulations to Goose Cannon, Shewanna Rock, and our other new skaters- Kick Cat, T-Licious and Casey Mace’em. Welcome to the Family! We’re all very eager to skate with you.