One of us!


Hey Ladies!

It's that time of year again when the outfit is in search of advanced skaters to join the family. For those of you who are familiar with roller derby you're well aware of the  gear and skills needed. However if you're just a fancy skater confident enough to tryout, here's what you'll need to know/ bring:


  • Skates: (quad skates) Yes in order to show off your awesome skills you need to bring your skates! there are rental skates at the rink but i DO NOT recommend them.
  • Elbow/ wrist guards
  • knee pads
  • Mouth Guard: This is something that people forget to bring every year. Don’t be one of those people because then you have to pray that the Walgreens down the street has one.
  • Sometimes we have extra gear at the rink and by extra i mean smelly, sweaty gear that people have left behind. So don't rely on it.
  • Valid ID (18+) You must be at least 18 and out of high school. We DO card :D


Skaters will be tested on the WFTDA minimum skills which can be found here:

there have been revisions made to these skills

1) 25 laps in 4.5 minutes 2) moving from one side of the track to the other (cuts) we're looking to see skaters are lateral


Because our team is constantly growing we have made some  additions to what we will test our skaters on:

-turn-around toe stop push outs at the line - stopping at a wall from a sprint -break outs - vocal and hands-on communication -taking direction

I look forward to seeing new faces and welcoming new members to the team. Don't worry if you don't make it. There are always other ways to be a part of the family without being a skater and this won't be the last time the outfit recruits (i  didn't make it at advanced tryouts, but came back and tried again). Hope to see you all at the home bout May 19th!

~Loka In Motion