Featured Skater – May 2012


Lemmy Destroyer



Q. How did you first become involved in roller derby? A. I thought it looked fun, and wanted to try for a while. So when Uma Bomber decided to join... she told me I should come with her. And I did!

Q. What is your favorite Chicago Outfit moment to date? A. It's hard to choose a favorite outfit moment... There's been so many of them. So I'm going to pick one that doesn't have much to do with derby... At our hotel after an away bout, most everyone there took place in an impromptu squirt gun, water balloon, anything filled with water free for all... In all of our rooms. Or maybe camping in Gaygan's (former teammate) brother's back yard in Tennessee...

Q. What is your ultimate derby goal? A. My ultimate derby goal is to be really good at it. I want to be murderous!

Q. Did you play sports before roller derby? If so what, and what was your position? A. I only played sports when I was really young, I was terrible. So I started dancing, I also twirled baton.