The Whole 10 Miles


If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I could skate 10 miles, I probably would have laughed, and said I couldn’t even walk 10 miles.  The problem wasn’t necessarily that I was out of shape or not physically capable, but to me 10 miles sounded really far – really, really far.  When I travel and walk around to site see, I am sure I walk 10 miles, if not more.  But that is usually with a few food and beer breaks in between.

But things are a little different than they were last year.  I am a new member of the Chicago Outfit and as a result, my physical activity has increased significantly.  So when our team was signing up for the 2012 American Cancer Society’s Walk and Roll, I thought it sounded like a great team experience while doing something good at the same time.  So sure, sign me up!

30 seconds later…

…Wait, what, I have to skate how many miles?!?  I immediately went into full panic mode when I realized that 10 miles still sounded really, really far, no matter how many days a week I skate at practice.  However, after some support from teammate Loka in Motion, and convincing my husband that he should do this with me, I felt a little at ease.  If anything, I just put in out of my mind until the day of.

Unfortunately, the Outfit had a double header bout the night before and another private bout the morning of the event, so not many of our teammates were able to participate in the walk and roll.  But I was there, and ready to go!  I was surprised how many other derby skaters showed up.  It was great to see so many derby lovers all in one place, skating together for a great cause.  We all definitely stood out in the crowd, with our bright colored tights and booty shorts.  I am sure many participants and supporters wondered what the heck we were doing.  Duh! We are derby girls (and merby boys too!).

The course was challenging as it wound along the lake front; we all dodged cracks and pushed ourselves up hills.  It was a little different than the smooth floors at our local rink.  But when I crossed the finish line, I was overwhelmed with a great feeling of accomplishment.  I did it!  It just goes to show that we are our own worst enemy, and if we think we can’t do something, more than likely we won’t.  Instead, my goal is to pump myself up, be positive, and try everything, even if I am afraid.  So next year, who knows, maybe I will skate 20 miles, or maybe I will be doing something I can’t imagine right now.   Either way, I won’t know if I don’t get out there and try.