The Outfit- Off Skates

As the months have passed since I became a member Outfit, I find that I’ve been devoting most of my free time to activities that are league related. Gone are the days when I panicked about whether I’d be able to do 6 hours of league work off of skates (the amount required in order to be placed on the roster in upcoming bouts)…that notion is pretty laughable now. But this off skates “work” is hardly that. No matter what I end up doing for the league, even the work that seems tedious on first glance, I find myself smiling. This past Saturday brought the off skates Outfit experience full circle. It began in the morning, with the premiere of The Chicago Outfit’s exclusive webseries, Derby Little Secrets, on eGen.TV. The idea of the webseries was conceived only a little over a month ago, but in that time some devoted members of the marketing committee were able to write a pilot, film segments, and raise the funds necessary to create a show for derby fans everywhere. At 11 AM, Derby Little Secrets streamed live for the first time. Hosted by skaters Silkk Assassin, Hero Shima and Final Frontier, the show follows a similar format of your typical panel talk show. It began with an overview of derby news for the week, including the outcome of various Women’s Flat Track Derby Association sanctioned bouts. The show also did a segment promoting the Outfit’s Spaghetti Wrestling event that was to take place that evening…but more on that later. However, I felt the highlight of the show was the interview with three of the league’s first-season skaters, warmly referred to as the league’s “Original Gangsters.” Graves, The Joan Ranger, and Suzie Crotchrot informed the viewers about the humble beginnings of the Outfit in 2007, and how the league has worked their way up from their underdog status to a WFTDA sanctioned league that has become a staple of this city and a force to be reckoned with. If you missed the pilot when it first aired, you can watch at The show streams live again this Saturday, April 14 at 11 AM on

After some lunch with league members, it was back to the mundane, real life BS…until early that evening, when I entered the Double Door with a 20-pound bag of spaghetti. Oh yes, it was time for the Chicago Outfit’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Spaghetti Wrestling! Eager fans got the opportunity to see their favorite skaters scantily clad, wrestling in a kiddie pool of, you guessed it, SPAGHETTI! This was the first year that the event took place at the Double Door. As a music junkie who has seen her favorite acts several times here, I was pumped to find out that this is where it was taking place. But could a roller derby league that only popped up 5 years ago really fill out such a venue? The answer turned out to be YES, with attendance close to 600. The skaters showed their creative side when coming up with costumed wrestling themes, including Super Heroes vs. Villains, Cats vs. Dogs, Sonic vs. Tails, Satan possessed Linda Blair vs. A Priest, and my personal favorite, Motorhead’s Lemmy vs. Glen Danzig. Fans proved to be generous as well, with several brining a can of food to be donated to The Greater Chicago Food Depository. The night concluded with a quirky awards ceremony (all winners were chosen by fans), and drinks and dancing.

This past weekend has gotten me excited for what’s next for The Outfit, on skates and off. As mentioned earlier, the second episode of Derby Little Secrets will air Saturday morning at 11 AM.  The Outfit’s A-Team, the Syndicate, will be bouting against Baltimore’s Charm City Saturday night at 7:30 CT, which viewers can watch live at Also this weekend, the nerd in me is super excited that The Outfit will be teaming up with Box ‘o Zombies ( at The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (c2e2) at McCormick Place. Zombified Outfit Skaters (myself included!!!) will be not only be promoting Box ‘o Zombie figurines, but also selling tickets to our home opener. Speaking of which, The Outfit’s home opener is coming up on April 28 at The Windy City Field House. The double-header will feature The Outfit’s Shade Brigade taking on The Old Capitol City All-Stars, followed by the Syndicate vs. Houston’s All-Stars. Buy your tickets at a discount now (!

OK, so I realize that this post has ended up looking like a lot of shameless league promotion…but it’s really hard for me not to get excited about all the skaters and fans have to look forward to this month alone.