Why You Should Support Our Kickstarter - A Plea from Ivana Schoop

The Chicago Outfit launched it's first ever Kickstarter project to help us develop a web series (appropriately titled "Derby Little Secrets") in partnership with EGen.TV!  With only 4 days left, we are just over 50% of our goal! You may ask yourself:  Why does the Chicago Outfit need an Internet TV show?  Shouldn't they focus on skating and winning bouts?

Yes, yes we should continue to train really hard to bring you the best derby ever.  But it's not any fun if we can't talk to our fans or spread the word about roller derby.  The show will help give you an inside "peek" on what shenanigans we are up to--whether we are having a Spaghetti Wrestling Tournament (yes, we are!) or are off to a regional tournament.  You will have a front row seat to what we are doing, what we are thinking, and who we are laughing at/with.

For me, this is really important.  Did you know that roller derby is up for consideration to be included in the 2020 Olympic Games?  Yes it is!  This is very exciting--but it can only be possible if leagues and fans take an interest in spreading the word about roller derby.  Imagine being in "Farawayplace" and being able to access a weekly show online that is geared towards roller derby.  The person in "Farawayplace" may happen on it, or may purposely seek the show out.  When they do, they will find out about what roller derby does for communities.  It builds teams.  It changes lives.  It teaches men and women healthy habits.  It teaches men and women business skills.  It forces people to think "outside the box" on what they think an athlete, an entrepreneur or a teammate is.

Unlike a lot of other sports, roller derby is owned and run by the players--not corporations and not a few rich guys.  Because we do the skating, the marketing, the fundraising and we produce our own games--we don't have the additional resources to fund this great idea that has the potential to be a game changer.

Please help support our Kickstarter project, for these reasons and many more. You can find it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chicagooutfit/derby-little-secrets-chicago-outfit-roller-derbys

From the bottoms of our hearts...thank you for your continued support!