Get SAUCY With The Chicago Outfit


Riddle Me This...

What do you get when you combine hot and costumed derby girls, an inflatable kiddie pool and over 100lbs of cooked spaghetti drenched in oil and a little sauce for good measure?
Well, you get the Chicago Outfit's Biggest Non-Skating Event of the Year!
It's SPAGHETTI WRESTLING TIME!!!If you were with us at Exit last year then you remember how AWESOME this event was, and if you weren't there I'm going to tell you about it and why this year is going to be bigger and even better!

We Are Rocking A New Venue: This year Spaghetti Wrestling is taking over The Double Door!!!  For the last 3 years we've been having it at Exit, but last year we hit maximum capacity with many of our fans waiting outside in line to get in!  The upstairs at Exit was packed to the max and the ability to see the matches was pretty darn difficult, especially if your short like me!  Despite what amazing and gracious hosts the entire staff at Exit was through the years, this event just demanded more space.

Double Door will comfortably fit more people, so NO ONE is going to be left out in the cold, waiting in line and missing all the fun!   Also having a stage and sound system should help everyone see and hear the debauchery better!  Another bonus with a bigger venue is the starchy smell of pasta, sweat and beer wont be as concentrated as years past, therefore it's a lot more tolerable for the crowd and wrestlers alike!

The Match-Ups: Last year we saw Mario duke it out with Super Mario, a Crocodile demolish it's hunter, and several Prom Queens get catty for the crown!  Last year's matches were amazing, with the same bone crushing intensity you would expect watching The Chicago Outfit at a bout!  There were so many memorable matches last year, but from what I've seen and heard so looks like Spaghetti Wrestling 2012 will completely dominate all previous years! (Sorry, I'm sworn to secrecy on this years matches and themes!)

If you are curious about what you might see at the Double Door, here are two You Tube Videos from last year's event! The first video is Robot vs. Dinosaur (featuring Uma Bomber and Lemmy Destroyer) [youtube id=sWNAiAbMHBU width=620 height=375 float=none] The second video is Prom Queen vs. Prom Queen (featuring Barbara Butch and Yours Truly, Brawly Shore) [youtube id=ReHRzHsp9GA width=620 height=375 float=none]

Dance Party, Dance Party: Anywhere The Chicago Outfit goes, a dance party always follows!  This year after Spaghetti Wrestling is done, we will have DJ Narz spinning. So feel free to grab a beer and get down with your favorite derby girls and spaghetti-covered-wrestling-super-stars!

Hot Derby Girls Kicking Butt Off The Track: Our bouts are amazingly fast paced and exciting, which is exactly how we like to do our fundraisers!  The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby League is a skater run and skater operated, which is why fundraisers like this are so important to us!  We also think it's just as important to give back whenever we can, therefore we are asking that everyone attending the event brings a non-perishable food item to donate to The Greater Chicago Food Depository.  With your donation at the door, admission will only cost you $5!  With out a food donation at the door, admission will cost you $7!  Skaters will also have Pre-Sale tickets available for $5, so find your favorite derby girl and get yours early!

Really, there is NO REASON to NOT attend this event!  It's so much fun, a little sexy, a lot of messy and it benefits your favorite derby league, The Chicago Outfit!
So we look forward to seeing everyone April 7th at the Double Door (1572 North Milwaukee Avenue) Doors Open at 9pm, Wrestling starts at 10pm!