Jenergizer Bunny's Derby Valentine

I am Jenergizer Bunny, a new transfer to The Outfit from Sacred City in Sacramento, California. Let me start by explaining how I came here. There's always been part of me that wanted to pack all my things and venture off to travel the world. I wanted to move to London and be a nanny, go to sea and work on a cruise ship, or become a flight attendant and fly around the world. But I never thought this dream would be a reality. I never thought I could be happy without my friends and family close to me. I never thought I would actually live my dream until I joined roller derby.

Roller derby has given me a second family and set of friends. I realized I could move anywhere and would have friends and a family because I could play roller derby wherever I went. So when I was given an opportunity to soar the skies and become a flight attendant for American Airlines, I took it in a heartbeat. I packed my apartment in three days and was on my way. No worrying about where I was going to live or whether I would make any friends. I knew there would be 60 girls somewhere, ready to welcome me into their derby world.

That's exactly what has happened with The Chicago Outfit. They have welcomed me from the very beginning, from the first email I received. They sounded excited to have me – coaching welcomed me, girls have driven me to practice and Agony Andy help me become a member. Even just girls smiling at me and introducing themselves have all made this transition a little easier.

Being the new girl is not always the easiest thing, especially if you are also new to the city, but there are always those one or two people who go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Those people who go out of their way to make sure you always have a ride to practice, make sure you do what’s needed to get to play and who are really looking out for you. This is why I would like to give a shout out to Devil’s DaLight and The Big Lebekski.

Devil’s DaLight is a new member of The Chicago Outfit and has jumped into becoming very involved with the Outfit. She is always helping out in any way she can. She is very dedicated to making herself a better skater on and off the track. The Big Lebekski has not only been a huge help to me but she's hungry for derby so I can relate well with her. She thinks about roller derby all the time and can’t wait until she can get back out on the track to skate again. She’s an amazing skater who is constantly striving to make herself a better skater and team player. Both these ladies have made me feel part of The Outfit. I know I am not alone in this big cold city, because I have two people here who are looking out for me.

I also want to say that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about having a significant other but its about having love in your life and feeling loved. These two skaters have made me feel very loved this year. So…

Devil’s DaLight and The Big Lebekski – will you be my Derby Valentines this year?