Outfit, will you be my Valentine?

I’m having trouble picking a single derby crush. As a new skater on the league it seems that I have a new crush each week! Being idealistic I can find good in everyone, and everything, but this is different. Truth is that The Chicago Outfit just has a lot of talented skaters who also happen to be really cool people off skates too. As a new recruit this made the desire to be on the league that much stronger.

There is a lot to take in when you are new and that includes the joy of studying all of these unique skaters. To help narrow down these multiple crushes, I chose some things that I want to work on and then matched them to who I think embodies them in an exceptional way.

Attitude - Dianasaurus Ross D. Ross is committed to the game in a serious way while leaving plenty of room for fun. She’ll look me straight in the eye, giving me that one thing to focus on, and then slap me a high five. I always look forward to her high fives. If you take yourself and the game too seriously then it’s easy to get down on yourself. With D. Ross’s fantastic attitude I now understand that if you think you can you are probably right.

Presence - Sneer and Loathing Being in the moment can be a challenge but Sneer has a consistency that I feel I can count on. When I’m feeling nervous, Sneer will smile and communicate a strategy to me that pulls me right back into the present. Her head is in the game with a steady optimism that I admire.

Confidence – The Joan Ranger To me Joan is a badass! Her toughness can sometimes intimidate me but that’s what draws me to her. She isn’t timid when busting a move on the track and her decisiveness is solid. Although my hits are still weak I’ll jump at the chance to bump her in hopes that some of that coolness will rub off on me.

Ease - Lady K My most recent derby crush has been on Lady K. She’s the kind of skater that makes really hard things look easy. With an effortless fluidity she can move opponents gracefully out of the way. Like a superhero with an invisible force, she’s sneaky and powerful. I love how she takes command yet is totally chill.

Everyone on the league has their own style and way of executing certain skills and characteristics that I appreciate. So, don’t feel left out if I didn’t talk about you. I’m probably secretly crushing on you this week!