Indie Wed on skates!

As most roller derby fans (especially Outfit fans) know, ours is a sport with a strong DIY spirit. Skater owned and skater operated, we do most everything with an indie spin. So imagine how happy we were when Dame Couture (and Blue Bow Millinery) asked us to help them out at Indie Wed ("THE alternative to the traditional bridal expo") this year. Early this month, a bunch of us headed up to Dame's shop in Evanston to try on bridal gowns, and this past Saturday, we (me, Rogue, Scream Printer, Smashley "the Spaniard" Destructo, and Agony Andy) gathered at the Ravenswood Event Center to wear beautiful dresses and roller skates. Professional hair (with a retro/rockabilly vibe), makeup, (thanks to Tigerlily Salon!) and custom fitted gowns made us feel like the very best versions of ourselves, and skating through the crowded expo made us impossible to miss. We totally had a blast!

I know you just want to see the photos, so I'll quit my yappin'. Here you go!


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