A New Girl's Cheat Sheet ;)

Rolling Recruitment is just around the corner. I know those of you who plan on coming are super stoked! But then there are others out there who secretly want to join but are afraid that they won’t be good enough or maybe just aren’t comfortable meeting new people. I’m here to tell you to drop kick those fears out the door because this is everything you need to know!!!!  1)      What to Bring!

  • Skates: (quad skates) are always a good thing.  Yes, you CAN use the rentals provided at Fleetwood roller rink, however, it may be difficult to learn some of the stops on those wheels. So long as you don’t plan on using rentals for the entire rolling recruitment they are a viable option. 
  • Elbow/ wrist guards: These are something that you don’t have to go out and get state of the art especially since this is a trial period and you may not want to do it after all (which I doubt cuz derby is AWESOME!)
  • knee pads:Knee pads are something you might want to invest some more $$ in. I just used the simple triple 8 ones that came with the elbow/wrist guards but I had to buy better ones a short time later because my knees were getting bruised. Also if you have knee problems you don’t want to risk unnecessary injury. 
  • Mouth Guard: This is something that a million people forgot to bring last year at rolling recruitment. Don’t be one of those people because then you have to pray that the Walgreens down the street has one.  A lot of us use the protech dent mouth guard. Like I said though you don’t have to get real expensive gear right away or at all the 99cent ones will suffice. 
  • Helmet: Okay so I must emphasize the importance of getting a skateboard helmet. It’s just better protection. I mean you’re not going to be getting hit but for beginner skaters I guarantee you will fall so be sure to get one. 
  • Valid ID (18+): Okay not that we’re hating on the youngins (I was only 19 when I joined) but you do have to be 18 and out of high school.  I guarantee it won’t be like Whip It. You have to fill out paperwork and everything. However if you want to do derby and you’re not 18 yet we do have a junior derby league you can check out. The girls are just as equally great and equally fun to be around :D 

Along with the required gear here are some tips from the other derby girls: 

Bloody Elle: get a decent set of kneepads, realize the amount of time that derby is going to take out of your life, and don't expect to be super amazing awesome in just a month or two - a lot of the girls on the league have been around for a long time and skills come as you work on them with time so don't compare yourself to them. compare yourself to only yourself and monitor your own progress from week to week against only yourself. :)

Scream Printer: You can still join without knowing how to skate or play derby!

Brawly Shore: Everyone should know that derby is great because there is a place for everyone in the sport and in our league. It doesn't matter your size, skill, experience...you can impact the sucess of our league on and off the track! You will get out of it what you put in to it, and that is one of the most rewarding things you can ask for! And I agree with everything Elle said above...I would beat myself up over my skill level all the time and its senseless because I'm new and learning and need to be ok with that!

Loka In Motion: Know that you don’t have to know how to skate and you learn and your own pace. You don’t have to pass every test right when it’s given.  Also make sure to bring water/Gatorade and wear tights or leggings something that covers your thighs. Short shorts look cute with your skates but it sucks to get rink rash. 

2)  What you need to Know/ Realize

Rolling Recruitment begins November 21st  at Fleetwood Roller Rink. From 8:30-10:00pm

The Chicago Outfit isn’t just a roller derby team. It’s a family. We look out for our girls and you form great friendships especially with the girls that come into rolling recruitment with you. I am so thankful for joining when I did. I mean I was intimidated by the Syndicate because they have been skating together for years but I had my new girl group to go through it all.

There is a place for everyone on the team. If during the rolling recruitment you feel skating isn’t for you but you still want to be part of the team we’re always looking for Non-Skating Officials to help with the bouts. For more info on that email: referees@chicagooutfitrollerderby.com

One more thing that can’t be emphasized enough is the fact that you don’t need to have any prior skating experience. I barely knew how to skate in fact Goin’ Postal can vouch for me when I say that. He’d see me at the rink skating with my boyfriend (and by skating I mean holding his hand and letting him drag me around). But at rolling recruitment they taught me everything I needed to know and eventually i built up my confidence on skates. Now I prefer to be on skates than just walking around :D

So come on out November 21st!  and I’ll keep you guys posted on when the Meet and Greet is. There you’ll receive more info about the Rolling Recruitment and the whole Derby experience. Til then you can either email me personally at dahliapiedra@yahoo.com or email outfitrecruitment@gmail.com

See you guys soon!

~Loka In Motion

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