Hero Shima wants to know what you're doing on September 10th!

With the beginning of September comes the end of summer, back to school, back to business, and only about a month of glorious fall before we all know that dreaded Chicago winter hits us like a punch in the beanie capped head. But before the dead of winter, the Outfit has a few more fall bouts to get you out of the house before snowmaggeddon hits again. These aren’t just any bouts, oh no, these are the last 2 bouts the outfit has to prepare for our VERY FIRST appearance at the North Central Regionals Tournament. We are so incredibly pumped, and I’m sure it’s going to show! So come on out and help us pave the road to victory!

Now, I could bore you with details like:

September 10th.

Double Header - Chicago Outfit Syndicate vs. Brewcity Bruisers (Milwaukee) Shade Brigade vs. Twin City Roller girls (Chambana) Doors at 6 at the Windy City Fieldhouse at 2367 W. Logan Blvd

$4 Haymarket Beers. Free parking.

But that’s boring. You all know the details, you’re derby fans, you’re smart enough to find them on the website.

Instead, I just want to update you on some of the cool stuff the outfit has going on, and why these bouts should be some of our best ever.

First off, we’ve recently added a Fan Zone to our home bouts. We want you guys to know just how important you are to us, and this gives us a chance to meet you face to face, give you hugs, take pictures with you beautiful people, and tell you thank you! We donate our proceeds to charity, so to save on costs we work our own bouts, and we take pride in the fact that our organization is skater run, but in the past it’s made it hard for us to get away from the take down and clean up aspect of the bout to be able to really get to know you guys. But, at the last home bout, some of our other skaters really stepped up and gave us a chance to step away and really connect with the people who came out to support us and it was awesome to be able to thank you face to face. So after the bout, come say hi! I for one, will be very excited to see you! Tell ‘em (or me) that I sent you. ;)

Next, we’ve got some pretty amazing Vendors around, with all sorts of things to check out, play with, and buy! Everything from real estate to comic books, there’s something for derby enthusiasts of all ages But Shima, you ask,….what about the children??? Well we’ve got face painting too. Now your kids can have as much fun as we do on the track. (we’d never forget about the children).

So if I ask you what you’re doing September 10th…and your answer is…”I don’t know”…well you just might get a skate to the face. Come out, enjoy yourself, have some beer, give me a hug, and come on out to the after party and dance with us til the sun comes up. I mean, really, we’ve only got 2 home bouts left before you’ll be thrown into and endless night, devoid of derby girls, without the Outfit to warm your hearts…until the snow thaws, and we’ll reemerge with the spring for our 5th season! So no excuses friends, I want to see you all there!