Sponsor Spotlight: Beyond Properties

“Get the most out of your experience.” That’s the motto at Beyond Properties, focus of this month’s Sponsor Spotlight, and a fitting motto for the Outfit’s own Erica Cuneen (aka Busty Broke'Her).  As owner and head Eco-Broker of the Oak Park-based realty company, mother of two, and skater, Cuneen wears many different helmets—er, hats.  A female-owned, environmentally responsible real estate brokerage, Beyond Properties offers its clients personal commitment and sustainable practices.  The firm’s attention to environmental responsibility is one of the things that makes Beyond Properties unique.  A former Peace Corps volunteer, Cuneen has a longstanding interest in community-building and in grassroots causes: “It was the grassroots aspect of derby, and of the Outfit in particular, that got me involved.” After some initial training from Derby Lite, Cuneen tested her skills at one of The Outfit’s Advanced Tryouts: “I skated as a kid, but was never involved in athletics—never did a sport, never mind a team sport.  But the cameraderie, along with the workout, really blew me away.”

So what do roller derby and real estate have in common? They both require, as Cuneen says laughingly, “a bulldog”—she’s been known to win over contracts with a simple, “Come on! I play roller derby!” But examining the question more seriously, Cuneen explains that Beyond Properties is all about the empowerment of all players—buyers, sellers, and ultimately, the local community and environment.  The firm uses teamwork to find “the win-win”—matching buyers with properties that are “kind to the wallet, good for the body, comforting to the soul, and gentle to the earth for decades to come.” (Full disclosure: the beautifully depicted and described homes in her current listings made this renter drool).  Look for Busty Broke’Her, off-skates and on, at our regularly scheduled home bouts, or contact her by email at Erica@beyondpropertiesrealty.com.  Or visit her website at www.beyondpropertiesrealty.com and offer Beyond Properties—along with our other honored sponsors—some extra-special derby love.